DSD problem Hegel HD12


I got a Pi and a DSD 128 DAC (Hegel HD12) when I play all formats FLAC MQA and so on It works fine but when I put on a DSD track no sound. The DAC indicates DSD 128. If I change to the other settings for DSD np sound swell.

I have my core on an old Macbook Air just connected to wifi 5Ghz. Can it be that I need to wire the Macbook Air? Or is it just to old and slow to cope with DSD?


Hi Michael,

I use to have one and at that time max DSD format HD12 could cope was DSD64. Hegel specs also state that today, so are you sure DSD128 is supported ?

It says 128 Dsd on the display. But maybe its something with the drivers in the Hegel.

Saw that it Was some drivers on Hegel website.

I think software in the DAC is able to recognise DSD128, but can’t play it. USB Driver on HD12 DAC is same as in 360 amp and 360 seems to be able to process DSD128. Kind of strange, but that is the only explanation I can think of…

If i want to try the driver. How do i get it in the Hegel?

Sorry, I forgot you’re not using Windows based endpoint. If HD12 is connected to Pi, it does not need any driver. Bottom line is that HD12 does not support DSD128. Doesn’t matter whether endpoint is running Win/Mac/Linux OS.

edit. it supports DSD64, but not DSD128.

I just looked. The file i like to play is Dsd 64.

But on the display of Hegel it says Dsd 128.

Tried the drivers on both Core MacBook Air and the other new MacBook. Same thing no sound in All settings except convert to pcm.

Is it My Core that is to week? Its a MacBook Air late 2010?

I mean - if the file is Dsd 64 My Hegel would work right?

Try wiring your MacBook to your router to discount a potential wi-fi problem.
My MacBook skips and stutters with hi-res playback, even 192/24 via wireless. But… my endpoint is also wireless, so there may be a problem with 2-way traffic at hi-res over wi-fi.

With my core (MacBook Pro) wired, and endpoints wireless, it works fine.

I haven’t tried DSD though, as my endpoint doesn’t support it.

The core on a MacBook Air 2010 will not cope well with roon at all even.

Here are the minimum specs needed for a great roon experience


Hi Roon Community,

I’m using a ROCK as a bridge connected to a Hegel HD12 DAC. The ROCK recognise it as a “Native” DSD device and I set up the Max Sample Rate (DSD) to “Up to DSD64” as the DAC only supports this.

But if I try to play a DSD music I receive a blinking “DSD128” message on the DAC’s display (even if I try to play DSD64 files) and there is no sound.

Any help much appreciated!

I believe it won’t work with ROCK, as described here: DSD play problem on HEGEL HD30

If you care about DSD playback you’ll need to install Windows and the Hegel Windows drivers.

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its pretty easy to find a windows home small PC - nothing exotic needed to run Roon Bridge for a fully supported windows ASIO driver supported endpoints. setup with auto login and a VNC like teamviewer or anydesk and remote in to admin it - (Windows home doesn’t support Remote Desktop) even an older win7 Celeron on a run out sale (blackfriday/cybermonday) should be cheap enough. Wired LAN of course is best.

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Dear Peter,

Thanks for your great help.

As currently I would not like to use Windows for Roon I have to looking after another DAC. Is there any recommendations?

Any help much appreciated!

Hello There,

As I mentioned to Peter, I would not like to use Windows for Roon. I’ve got a pretty decent endpoint (i5 / 16GB RAM / SSD) but I would not like to deal to optimise the OS for audio as ROCK already optimised for Roon.

Instead of this maybe I have to looking after another DAC. Is there any recommendations?

Any help much appreciated!

Perhaps other members here who will tell you their favorite USB DACs. For each of them you will have to search the forum for Linux / ROCK native DSD compatibility if you care about DSD256 and determined not to use Windows - generally those using Amanero USB module won’t work with native DSD, those XMOS based typically do but may suffer another problem with bit depth changes. Or you can use a Roon Ready network player such as those offered by the company I work for.

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Or one of the Merging+ products, both of which have native DSD 256 over Ethernet.

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Dear Peter,

Thank you for the detailed info.

Yesterday I gave a shot to Win10+Roon. Are these settings correct?

Maybe I have to reconsider my previous standpoint related to the OS.

Dear Daniel,
I never heard of them, but looks nice.
I know there is many HW available (Lumin, Auralic etc) but I’m on a budget :confused:

If you can play DSD64 normally and your DAC indicates it’s DSD [Edit: this feature appears to be absent], then it looks good.

Dear Peter,

As you could see on these screenshots, it plays the DSD64 and automatically convert the DSD128.

…but I read somewhere the Hegel displays “DSD” if it receives DSD stream and mine still displays “USB”.