DSD support for Dragonfly Red

Hi, I have a Dragonfly Red DAC plugged into a raspberry pi running Roon Bridge. Despite not being advertised as such, this DAC seems to have native DSD capability - I am running Volumio which is set to native DSD mode and it plays back DSF files perfectly through the web interface. See photo below. It would be nice to have an option for native DSD playback in Roon. I am running the latest MQA enabled firmware on the Dragonfly.

Hi @Nathan_Scrivener,

The Dragonfly Red does not have any DSD support, I suspect what’s happening here is that Volumio showing you the the source sample rate, not necessarily the output sample rate. Roon is most likely converting the audio to 88.2kHz PCM before sending the stream to the device. You can confirm this by looking at Roon’s Signal Path.


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