DSD with Audio Reseach GSi75

I have an AR GSi75 and it will not play DSD with roon. I am using a Mac. With the GSi75 built in DAC and I set it up following the instructions that was given to the Rossini . I figured it was a similar. Can anybody help me?


to help see what is going on can you post screen shots of Roon’s:

  • Audio signal path (when playing a DSD file)
  • Audio Device Setup page

These settings work for me. I have a dCS Rossini DAC.

I set up roon exactly how it’s set below for Rossini. I don’t know how to post a screen shot of roon’s audio signal path ( when playing a DSD file)

Hi Carl,
Also I’m looking at the signal path and it says :slight:
Source: DSF. DSD 64. 2 ch
Next it says:
DSD to PCM Conversion
DSD 64 to 352.8khz PCM

Next it says
This Mac
Roon advanced audio transport

Next it says
OS Mixer
That’s the signal path. Why is it converting to PCM when I disabled PCM?
My audio research says 384 instead of DSD 1X

I had my DSD files being converted to PCM through my Ayre QB9 DSD dac until I went into the settings for my dac and chose “DoP” instead of “Native DSD” which it turns out the Ayre does not support. Once I changed that setting (to DoP) the conversion to PCM stopped and my dac showed the proper bit rate for my DSD file.

What is your source?
Not the file but a computer?
MAC or PC?
PC user? What driver do you use? ASIO or WASAPI ?
I think you are using the motherboard sound card.
What is the connection? USB or Toslink?

The Audio Research GSi75 is an integrated amp with a built in DAC and there is no menu setting where I can choose “Dop” in stead of " Native DSD

I have a Mac Mini Late 2014, uses no drivers
My connection is USB.
I have Signalyst HQ Player and it works with fine with that player, but I like Roon and would much rather use it

AH, that’s it.
I think you look here: HQ Player - Roon Troubleshooting Guide

I want to use Roon instead of HQ player. Not together

If you do not use the HQ player, than you use the soundcard of the MAC mini.
I do not know if he can play DSD, I am a PC user.
If I was you, I use the mac/roon/HQ all together.
You must activate HQ in ROON.
It sounds better.