DSF album files showing as two albums [Solved by merging two albums]

I have a DSF file that shows up twice and each one shows different songs from the file.

How can I combine these into one album?

From the album browser, select both albums… then click edit and then the merge option.

Roon Knowledge Base - Merge Albums for more details.

Merge Albums is not an option that shows up. I just deleted both albums and re-added the file again.

I Would like to still try and merge two albums as I have another one thats doing this. Deleting both and re adding is not working.

Hi @Michael_Pember,

Are you sure you had selected both alums (both highlighted in blue)? That’s the only reason I can think of if the merge option was not shown in the edit screen.

Could you give us step by step details when you attempted to merge.

I missed understood this part:

I figured it out now. Thank you.


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