DSP in AirPlay Groups

Hello everybody! I am new to Roon and have benefited from these threads here on moe than one occasion! Thanks for that. I have a question that I haen’t yet found a satisfying answer to. Must critical listening is done on my main system. My core (an old mac mini I bought used for that purpose) runs a USB DAC that’s connected to my amp. I want to be able to run multiroom for non-critical listening, too. I have my eyes on Sonos for that and have learned three things here:

  1. Roon can connect to Sonos via AirPlay2 as well
  2. You can only group devices of the same sort in Roon
  3. You can stream to a Mac via Roon using software like AirServer.

My bathroom has an extremely nasty room mode and at that frequency everything resonates to ear-throbbing volumes, listening while getting ready becomes utterly unbearable. Hence I want to be able to apply a parametric EQ to just that Speaker only, while in a group. I know the FAQs say doing DSP on grouped non-RAAT zones is not possible, and yet people use DSP/Procedural EQ to do Stereo pairs here. So my question is:

Will I be able to group Sonos (Airplay) and my Core running AirServer and while applying a parametric EQ to only one of the zones? Or will I have to get a Bluesound speaker instead for that (more expensive) because it does RAAT?

Thank you very much!

Hey @Luke608, welcome to the community! Sorry that it took us so long to get back to you. :disappointed:

That’s right, DSP can’t be used for grouped Airplay zones. You’ll have to opt for a Roon Ready device which would give you just what you’re looking for.

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