Dsp into naim DacV1

Hi does anyone have any experience of using DSP features into a naim dacV1?

I tried to keep it simple by selecting max supported bit depth but I get crackling and distortion, infact any of the presets causes distortion so I just have to give up.

Using the USB input on the V1.

Whenever I’ve had this problem it’s because my DSP has exceeded the headroom. For example, if I’m using an EQ, and it has a boost of 5db somewhere, then I need to adjust the headroom down by 5db so that signals at max (all to common in this day and age of the loudness war) don’t clip.

hi Gareth. ive got my v1 setup and running lovely outputting at dsd128. I can also let you know my settings what im running if i can help. im running a win10 pc

A thanks but the v1 is long gone!

No probs. What did you replace it with. Im pondering where i can go next after the naim setup as i know its gonna cost me a fortune :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

DCS Bartok assuming you use headphones.