DSP - procedural EQ parametric EQ... am I doing something wrong?

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ROCK / NUC8i3 / Serial #1C697A03FBE1

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because of ageing my ears don’t work in the same way anymore, very helpful is the parametric EQ in Roon (one of the main reason because I decided to buy lifetime subscription ) that help me a lot in having good time with my music… but I have doubt about how I’m using it

Here is my sequence

  1. to compensate a little the frequency response of my Sennheiser HD580 I apply a little boost in the low frequency

  2. after I’ve done audiometric I’ve applied the following correction to partially compensate “problems”

  1. using mono track from this source

I’ve played mono content to adjust the volume level to have an image in the center… so I discovered that at low frequency I’ve the same sensitivity at both ears but, increasing the frequency there is a gap of roughly 3dB between left and right (the left is the damaged one )… having to adjust the volume but only from a certain frequency and not for all the spectrum I thought to use procedural EQ in this way

I also try to keep headroom adjustment enabled at -3 to avoid clipping problem

everything seems to be fine except for the out level from amplifier that decrease a lot (as partially expected)…

then a doubt: in all the setting I started from a -3 level to avoid clipping but… is this -3 related to the incoming signal level (absolute) or to the previous step in the processing sequence (incremental)? In other words… am I reducing the level of only 3dB (what about the 3dB in the Headroom ?) or of 3dB each step?

It is not only about the output level (the amplifier has more power then enough but I would like to not go to high with the volume control) but also about resolution (preservation of details) … what about if the signal level became to small?

Every suggestion is absolutely welcome, thanks in advance

Hello @Paolo_C,

Amplitude adjustments are made in each step, for example:

Headroom adjustment: -3dB
Parametric EQ: -2dB
Procedural EQ: EQ Filter 1: -2dB
Procedural EQ: EQ Filter 2: -2dB

Total attuentation of signal = -9dB


Hello John, thanks for reply…

Ok, so if I set the headroom at -3dB and the first step Procedural EQ at reference -3dB with a boost for low frequency up to -1dB… then all the middle-high are, consequently, set at reference -6dB so in the next steps I have to use/refer to 0dB level for adjustments ? Right?


Hello @Paolo_C,

That sounds correct. In this example, the boosted bass frequencies would be at -4dB while the mids and highs would be at -6dB.


Thank you John

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