DSP Question From Forrest Gump



Well no one has posted here in over 1.5 years so I’m probably in the wrong forum. So moderators may move this.

I recently added a Parametric EQ to adjust for my hearing loss. I also adjusted Headroom from -3 to -6 since my Signal Path indicator was flashing red.
Now comes the Forrest Gump part. I noticed in the upper left corner under presets I had an option called “pioneer elite”, which is my preamp and sound processor. I don’t remember creating it :roll_eyes: But, being curious, I enabled it. My audio became much more pronounced in the area of vocals; louder, clearer.
The Pioneer Elite comes with a mic and a setup called MCACC Pro.I had long ago run a calibration with it, saved it, and enabled it on the Elite. I don’t believe the Pioneer can “send” the EQ to Roon, but that “pioneer elite” in the Presets puzzles me. Like I said, probably Forrest Gump. My other question is this: I actually like the sound with the preset “pioneer elite” on. Can I add the Parametric EQ to it or does one override the other?

It’s all additive, so tweak on!

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