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I noticed that the speaker distance/delay under speaker setup in the DSP filters doesn’t do anything.
I played a sawtooth wave through roon and then recorded the line level signal coming out of the sound card connected to my roon ROCK using my laptop’s line in, running adobe audition. The recorded sawtooth waveform looks perfect and synchronized on R and L channels, whether speaker delay is engaged or not. I dialed in a distance of 3000cm on one speaker (delay of 87 ms), but the signal starts at exactly the same time on both channels (to a fraction of a ms).

system detail:
roon rock nuc -->Xonar U5 sound card --> line in laptop

I’d post a screenshot of the speaker set up settings.

Here’s the screen capture:

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Hi @Omid_Mostachfi,

I noticed that you have grouped zones in your screenshot, can you please confirm if the behavior is the same when the zones are not grouped?

Just to confirm : I can reproduce this; almost certainly a bug.
The gain and invert phase switches all work fine. The delay (or distance) has no effect at all.

I was about to suggest a workaround : add another filter, as ‘procedural EQ’ -> ‘delay’.
However : that one appears to have a bug as well. If you apply delay to the right side, then it is processed just fine. If you apply it to the left side, nothing happens to the audio at all.

Never noticed this, as I don’t need an use it. I think you caught a nice bug :wink: .

I think I found this out too a little while back - I just assumed my ears were the problem :roll_eyes: Was going back and forth with Thierry at HAF trying to work out why I didn’t hear the soundstage as dead centre, then when I couldn’t even hear the difference with the speaker setup controls I assumed I was either doing something wrong, or my ears were much less accurate than I thought…I feel vindicated :rofl:

Hi @Marco_de_Jonge & @dhusky,

Thank you for the additional confirmation!
I have created a ticket for the technical team to look into this behavior further.

Thank you for crosschecking Marco. I’ve been busy at work and didn’t have time to.

Hello @Omid_Mostachfi,

For the “Speaker Setup” DSP stage to work correctly, you must enter in values for distance for both speakers.

If you are trying to add an arbitrary delay to one of the channels, you can try using the Procedural EQ > Delay setting.


Hi @john , good catch ! I can indeed confirm that this is what’s happening. Set BOTH channels to NON-zero, and all is fine.

Still, I think that that’s a bug that needs to be addressed, instead of being worked around :slight_smile: . Or at the very least, update the knowledge base with that info.
It is a pretty common convention to set one channel to zero, and then relate all other channels to that zero… .

Bug applies to both the delay in speaker setup, and in procedural eq. In some kind of funny way : in one you cannot set the left channel to zero. And in the other, it cannot be the right one…

Just a short addition on WHY this is a convention:
When users enter a distance on a channel, they expect to have a delay on that channel.

Knowledge base makes clear that this isn’t necessarily the case, but the UI certainly does NOT.
In any case : a user has no way of knowing, that a zero delay may result in no change whatsoever; even in other channels that DID change their delay. Which is not as expected.

Very often, the relative delays matter. And not the actual, or absolute, delays. Think for instance, as in an active loudspeaker. (Or in fact anything at all, what I would be doing intuitively…)

Thank you so much @john.

Ah, that would have been my problem as well then, thanks - I can understand this makes sense but I’d agree with @Marco_de_Jonge that the UI is a little misleading here.

Hi all
I also have a question about speaker setup.
If I do for example - 10dB on each speaker. Is there a signal truncation or any risk of loosing precision in the original signal?

I have a slightly different problem. I have a 5.1 configuration and am getting music to play correctly through all channels. I am able to adjust speaker levels for L/C/R with expected behavior (entering +db or =db affects levels in the expected way. Presumably delays are also working but I have no way of confirming that. Here’s my problem: Adjusting SL & SR speaker levels has no affect. I assume that the delaysI insert also have no affect. And ideas about this behavior and how to fix it?

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