DSP volume control with Lindemann Limetree Bridge II

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC i3, 16GB ram, 2TB SSD, Roon Rock OS

I’m using the Lindemann Limetree Bridge II as Roon endpoint (audio renderer) in my system. I noticed that I’m not allowed to choose “DSP volume control” in the configuration of the bridge.

With my former renderer (Allo DigiOne Signature HAT on Allo USBridge Signature with roopieeXL or moOde installed) DSP volume control was possible.

Is DSP volume control a parameter the developer of the bridge firmware has to implement or activate? How does it work (if activate possible), is this software volume control done in the Roon core or a feature which has to be done by the endpoint device itself, so in my case by the Limetree Bridge?

Problem solved. I can activate digital volume control in the Lindemann app.

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