Duplicate Albums when viewing TIDAL items

Thus far Roon has done an impressive job collapsing duplicated Albums and favoring the highest resolution audio. However; when viewing items on TIDAL, I sometimes see copies of Albums. Often it’s subtle Album differences like ‘clean’ versions; however, there are other artists like ‘The Helio Sequence’ where you have the exact same album twice. It is true that both albums have unique Product ID’s yet the Albums appear to be identical. Is there a way to reduce duplicates for TIDAL albums?


I just started Tidal today (great!). I also see the same issue of showing duplicate albums even within Tidal only. For example, Glenn Gould has 150 albums, of which 80-90% are duplicated (but not all). Is this a problem with Tidal or Roon, or not a problem? It’s not a big deal but a bit annoying.

Same here. It’s visible in both Roon and Tidal.

I see it too. I thought it was a Roon issue initially, but I see the same problem when using the Tidal desktop app on Windows 10.

I see the same issue. Maybe @support can help us understand what’s going on with this - or at least help us more quickly distinguish the differences between apparently identical albums.

I talked a little about some of the limitations here:

If you’re seeing duplicates and you’re not able to distinguish them, I’d be interested to know if things look better on TIDAL’s app/website. If it’s clearer there, let me know and I can take another look at this.

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