Duplicate Chromecast entries in Display settings

Roon Core Machine

Running Roon ROCK image on Intel NUC NUC8i7BEH connected to my network via wired ethernet

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ASUS GT-AC5300 router, RT-AC68U AI-Mesh nodes for mesh (wi-fi) and TP-Link Gigabit managed switch. Music FLAC library located on Synology NAS connected via ethernet, streaming to HiFi gear via Sonore UltraRendu connected via Ethernet. (not using any Wifi in chain to Hifi except for iPad running Roon remote).

Connected Audio Devices

Main Hi-Fi gear (Naim Audio power amp, preamp, Chord Dave DAC, UltraRendu streamer)
Streamer connected to ethernet network (wired connection), and USB to Chord DAC
Multiple Chromecast devices connected to my TVs at home

Number of Tracks in Library

100,000 tracks accross 8000 albums (74000 tracks in FLAC/DSD content, rest in Qobuz and Tidal)

Description of Issue

Earlier I had no issues running Chromecasts in “Display” mode for Roon, however as of today I see this anomaly when accessing the “Display” section of the settings, many duplicates of Chromecast devices… And although I have multiple Chromecasts on my home network, I can only see one of them listed in all these duplicates.

@Support please help :slight_smile:

Hey @thijazi,

Thanks for reporting this! We’re sorry about the “abundant” devices displayed in Settings → Audio. Normally, Roon will display in this area all devices exposed to the network.

I wonder, could you please reboot your Core? Quit Roon, turn off the device, unplug it for a few minutes. Then, plug it back in, turn it on and launch Roon. Are the devices still duplicated?

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Hello Rebeka,

I tried, when I first reboot the ROCK device (NUC) I can only see 2 Chromecast devices listed correctly, then a few minutes later one of these starts duplicating until I have countless instances of the same one…

I can see similar issues reported by a number of folks on this forum, none of them seem to have been resolved…

Maybe this device is “hopping” between different access points or bands (2.4/5 GHz), sending a new service announcement after each successful connect. Try and see if you can troubleshoot in that direction. Maybe you can track the access points the ChromeCast connects to or something like that on your ASUS WiFi gear.

I have this particular Chromecast device set to Ethernet (wired) and not WiFi… I actually have WiFi disabled on the Chromecast device

While 2 of my 3 ChromeCast are wired too, none of those is “wireless” as they are connected to WiFi bridges. I’m also pretty sure to never have seen settings in their configuration to enable wired network or disable WiFi - they are pretty much auto-configuring them self and thus may fall-back to use WiFi if something is wrong / not working on the USB to Ethernet adapter. As Rebeka wrote, Roon is just showing the ChromeCasts advertised on your network. The advertising is done by the ChromeCasts. So it looks like something is wrong with your ChromeCast specifically or your network. Have a read trough this older thread to get some ideas how you possibly can further troubleshoot your issue:

Yeah, I read that thread entirely, I am not sure where to find the DNS Reflector setting on the ROCK, unless this is something in the bios but I doubt it…

Also my Chromecast devices are the new Chromecast with Google TV model and they have a network setting menu from where you can choose between wired and WiFi, I disabled Wifi on the device to ensure it was not messing with things.

I also could never get the “dns-sd -B _googlecast._tcp” command to run in my system… I am running Windows 10 but when I try to run this command from the command prompt I get:

“‘dns-sd’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.”

Such a setting doesn’t exist. If you have such a software, it runs somewhere else (router, firewall, ?NAS?).

All of them or just the one with issues (duplicate entries)? If you have more than one, you can probably swap them around – see if the issue wanders to another zone with the device (bad device) or affects only devices in that exact spot (bad network behavior).

So it is missing. Sadly I don’t know how to get it. It works on my Windows 7 and it worked on the other users PC. Maybe we have/had Apple products installed that came with it?

Well, I might have gotten somewhere with this puzzle after a few days of banging my head against the wall…

In my setup I used one of Google’s power adapters that include a built-in Ethernet port… The benefit of this approach for me was not having to rely on unstable Wi-Fi for Chromecast functions, and instead having that ethernet port connected directly to my access point via ethernet cable provided a much faster and more stable internet connectivity to Chromecast…

When I removed that Ethernet cable and had Chromecast connected only via Wi-Fi, the problem disappeared.

So a faulty Ethernet cable possibly? Glad you found and resolved your issue.

I tested two other cables with the same power brick, and it was the same, duplications… when I tested the Wi-Fi only option the problem went away… It maybe an issue with the power brick.

If you have more than one ChromeCast (all wired) you probably also have more than one power brick (USB to Ethernet adapter) so you can swap them for testing to make sure.

@thijazi This should be fixed in today’s update! Let us know if your Chromecasts are still being duplicated.

I actually removed the power adapter that I used to power the Chormecast and it fixed the issue, this power adapter had a built in Ethernet jack which for me was convenient as I preferred to have Chromecast connected via Ethernet… When I connected Chromecast to my network via Wi-Fi the problem never resurfaced so I assume it was this power adapter/network adapter that caused the issue.

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