"Duplicate" in different format/resolution

Sorry if I’m just misremembering–but I feel fairly sure that when I first started using Roon a few months back, I could have two different versions of an album–say, MQA and 24/96–without them showing up as duplicates. But now I’m seeing one of the two listed as a duplicate of the other. (I did review postings on the forum and note that pre-V1 this was an issue, but I think it had gone away before I subscribed.)

So, am I must misremembering or did something revert?



Try Going under settings/general and verify that Show Hidden Tracks and Albums is set to NO.

Show Hidden Tracks and Albums is set to “yes”, so I changed it briefly and one of the versions disappeared. But I’m not trying to hide the alternate version; I want both to appear, as separate albums, as I believe they were shown before (although–again, I could be remembering wrong).

Sorry, I misread I thought you wanted to hide duplicates. Turn the setting back on to show all versions of an album.

Not sure, If I turn off that switch, I am seeing my DSD and 24/176 versions side by side. Might be an issue with MQA which is stored in flac and flac versions indicating that they are duplicates.

Okay, just downloaded a flac and mqa test file from 2L. Even with the Show hidden set to YES, it would group them as duplicates I am assuming because they are both flac files.

@Jim_Austin To remedy this, I click the album in question and go to the Other Versions Tab, I then click “Remove from Duplicates” and then both the flac and MQA shows up in general browse.

Exactly right: One of them is an MQA file. This is clearly displayed, so Roon recognizes MQA despite the identical .flac filename. So hopefully this would be an easy adjustment for them to make.

Thanks very much.


More info here Jim: https://kb.roonlabs.com/FAQ:_I_have_multiple_versions_of_the_same_album%2C_but_I_only_see_one_album_cover._Where_are_the_other_versions%3F