Duplicate playlists appearing in Roon

I create my playlists using relative paths in JRiver Media Center. I have a “Playlist” folder within my “Music” folder on my hard drive. I have a Roon Nucleus+ with the identical hierarchy on internal storage. I simply copy any new/modified files/playlists from my hard drive to the Nucleus.

This system worked fine for over 2 years; however, 2-3 months ago 2 copies of each playlist appeared in Roon. I’ve deleted all the playlists from within Roon then copied the M3U playlists from my hard drive into the Playlists folder on the Nucleus. Again, 2 copies of each playlist appeared in Roon. (To state the obvious, there is only 1 copy of each playlist in the “Playlists” folder.)

Any ideas?

is it possible that the Playlist directory is being seen by two different storage locations?

I only have the one storage location identified.

Please disregard this post. User error. (It’s tough getting old…)

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