Duplicate tracks, album

Hello, I just transferred music from an external disk to another internal disk of my pc but in some archive I find duplicate songs or albums.
Try to delete them manually but it appears that the file does not exist, besides it is tedious to check with approx 10000 tracks.
Try to force the analysis of the library and reset my computer and the duplicate file in roon disappears but only when I had already discovered and reproduced a duplicate, but I keep discovering files that are duplicated. At this moment I do not know the amount of duplicate files in roon.
My core is a PC with i76700k and the files are hosted on an internal disk of the PC, which has no problems.
I am worried about this situation since I soon plan to transfer my music to a NAS.

I do not know if I made a mistake that caused it. And is it possible to fix the roon record?


Before taking any action, I would make sure that Roon has finished analyzing any tracks, and also that there aren’t any ongoing file operations that involve watched folders in Roon. (For example, if I have Roon open when I’m backing up my music library, lots of duplicate albums will appear while the backup is proceeding and for as long as the backup volume is mounted.)

Once the above activities are complete, you can identify duplicate albums or tracks using, e.g.,

Focus > Inspector > Duplicates

Thanks, I think that while I made the transfer of music on the hard drive I opened roonlabs, for the next time I will keep it in mind for the change to NAS. But I still have those roon files that do not really exist on the hard drive.
When using Focus> Inspector> Duplicates, discs appear that have mp3 and flac versions and other discs, but discs with repeated track do not appear. In the attached photo, that album does not appear with the duplicate tag.

I’m going to flag @support because I’m a little confused — I think that “Transport: Failed to load media” message is a clue, but I’m not sure exactly what it means. Is Roon maybe set to watch a folder that’s not actually available?

Hi, @JacquesDewitt, thanks for your report, could you please Go to Settings -> Storage, and post a screenshot here.



hello, I attach the image.


someone who has something similar happened to him and could solve it?

@support Any chance someone could help me with this please?

Hi @JacquesDewitt ---- Thank you for the report and feedback but more importantly, thank you for your patience here.

Upon seeing your flag for “support” I re-read through your posts in this thread to try and get a sense as to what could be potentially be causing you to experience this behavior (i.e duplicate tracks). Can you please provide a brief, but accurate description on how you went about moving your music to it’s new storage location in relation to the steps we have outlined here in the Roon knowledge base.

“Hello, I just transferred music from an external disk to another internal disk of my pc but in some archive I find duplicate songs or albums.”