Duplicate tracks when adding playlist or album

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Mac OS/Roon 1.8

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Description Of Issue
I am using Roon with Tidal. So each time I add playlist or album into my library I see it in the My Library → Tracks (so all tracks is added from the album/playlist) and at the same in My Library → Albums or My Staff → Playlists. I don’t want this duplication. Is it possible to only have it saved to my album or playlist and NOT in tracks?

Hi @Alexander_Shelkovski,

It’s not possible.

It’s not a duplication, the track browser is just a different way to view what’s in your library.
Every track added into your library should show there.

Maybe I’m not following quite what you’re saying, but as a base point why would you not wish to see all the tracks your library contains listed under tracks?

Thanks for answer.

If I liked some Album on Tidal it will be already added to My Library → Albums.
But also I see all tracks from that Album in My Library → Tracks. But I don’t want to see it inside Tracks, because it is already in the Albums section.

Ok I think see where you coming from, in that you were expecting only to see “standalone” (not part of an album) tracks to show in the tracks browser.

Roon is album centric and all tracks are consider to belong to an album, so the concept of ungrouped standalone tracks is not supported.

Have a search in the #roon:feature-requests, there may be existing requests for this type of functionality.

Yes, you got it right. Thanks will try to check feature requests.