Duplicate versions are automatically played and included in total time

Roon is newly misunderstanding what an album consists of, where both these conditions hold:

  • For albums where I have multiple versions — an ALAC and a FLAC version, in different folders on the same drive. The ALAC version is marked Primary.
  • Some of these albums have tracks grouped into sets, like sonatas.

In the example pictured below, this Beethoven Sonata No. 27 consists of two tracks, with lengths 4:57 and 7:33. The total time for the Sonata should be 12:30. Instead it is exactly double: 25:00.

When I play this Sonata, it also actually plays for 25 minutes. It plays track 1 (ALAC version) then track 1 (FLAC version) then track 2 (ALAC version) then track 2 (FLAC version). Here’s what playback looks like. Roon thinks there are 4 tracks in this Sonata:

I’m Running Roon 1.1 build 88 on OS X 10.11.2; music folders are on a mounted external HD.

This bug is known, understood and is on the list for fixing (if I understood you correctly, @brian).

Okay, thanks — I didn’t see it listed in the forum. Should I delete the post?

No, don’t delete it. Thanks for posting it! (It’s been discussed in the private Alpha bug forum.)

Same issue with albums where the duplicate is from Tidal.

Just noting that this issue is still present in the new build 94 (1.1). Thanks!

And, just noting that this bug is still present in Build 99. Thanks!

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