Duplicated albums in two separate locations

Can someone please confirm if this is normal –

I have all my music on a networked QNAP server – and set up as a watched folder.
Yet all my albums seem to be getting duplicated in Roon – as pictured in the pasted image below ( not sure if the image pasted properly )

The albums are identical ------ one shows as being on the server
ex // music album detail
the other one shows up on the music streamer
/mnt/RoonStorage_long series of numbers and letters/music album detail

The first instance is the proper location and path to the watched folder on my networked server where the file resides – the second instance is a location in the file structure on my music player ----- where I know there is not enough room to have the actual albums stored – as this hard drive is only 128 GB – for the Linux OS and the Roon data base –

But almost every album I have seems to be duplicated like this – and under the album playing detail - there is a hyperlinked button that says OTHER VERSIONS – and when clicked - it shows two identical albums – in two locations – and allows me to either MAKE PRIMARY – or REMOVE FROM DUPLICATES

If the file in mnt/roonstorage is just a database reference to the file on the server – i would think that i shouldn’t be given a choice to delete it – or make it the primary version ------ as far as i can understand – there can only really be one actual copy of the album on the network – because there is not enough room to have them all duplicated

If I look at the overview screen – it shows 30722 albums – When I select ALBUMS from the left hand menu – it shows 15,140 ------ not quite half – but a lot closer to the actual number it should be -

I understand that the music player itself builds a database that reflects what is in my music library and collects the tag info / bio info etc… – but is it normal to have all the music showing up as duplicated – and being given the choice to select one or the other as the primary – or given the choice to delete one of the copies ( which likely just gets put back when the library re-scans or updates ) -

I guess i’m just asking if this is normal – or do I have something wonky in my settings

thanks Bart

Post a screenshot of your storage settings. Looks like you have the same share mounted twice and both locations are being watched.

Hi Andrew

This is the layout of the storage settings – I could just delete the one in the /mnt location if I was comfortable that it is not supposed to be there – But I think it might be where roon stores the collected meta data etc… – which is fine – but it just confuses me that everything seems to be duplicated

do you think deleting this storage location is the right thing to do ?


Yep. Delete /mnt from that list.

When roon mount’s a drive from a remote NAS it mounts the share under /mnt/RoonStorage_… but displays it in the interface as smb://nasname/path. Not sure why your /mnt directory got setup as a watched folder, but the reason you’re seeing duplicates is that Roon is seeing this as two separate storage locations with exactly the same files.

After removing the /mnt storage location check to make sure that everything looks good and then do a Library Cleanup in Settings -> Setup to remove all of the extra information from the database.

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Perfect – thanks a lot Andrew ---- I’ve been getting constant disconnections from the core since first setting this up & have Roon currently checking out my log files – but perhaps this is one of the reasons I’m having these issues – in any case - nothing ventured nothing gained – thanks again