Duplicated headroom management and sample rate conversion section in DSP screen

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Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

All machines(Core, Bridge, Remote) connected to Ethernet (Copper, 100M)

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DAC: Qutest

Description Of Issue

This is the first time I saw this but I see duplicated headroom management and sample rate conversion section in DSP screen.

Everything works fine except just a glitch of UI.

One thing to mention is this happens when I group two zones. But I’m not sure it would happen when you don’t have the group.


Are connecting the Qutest using both optical and USB? If so, you will have two zones listed.

I’m not sure I understand your point but yes.

USB goes to Qutest via Raspberry Pi over network and Optical goes from MacBook to Qutest directly.

The reason I do this is I want to use the Qutest for video call and content editing too. Connecting directly benefits the latency significantly. The sound loses clarity a bit but I can compromise for those use cases.

The problem here is when you select Qutest on DSP screen in that case, you have the duplication which should be a bug.

Hi @Shin_ichi_Ohno,

That’s strange, you shouldn’t be seeing the duplicates on that page.
What were you doing before the issue occurred, switching between the two zones in the DSP menu?
If the issue re-occurs, can you note the time + date of the occurrence and which Roon Remote in use?

Will do. I actually don’t remember what I did before this happens. This might be a edge case.

I’ll update when I see this again. Thanks for your support!

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@noris It happens again on 16:03(UK) 11th Feb.

I use latest build 756 Roon Remote on Mac OS X Big Sur 11.2.1 (build 20D74).

As far as I remember, I switched the zone before this happens. Hope this report helps your investigation.

Hi @Shin_ichi_Ohno ,

Can you please use these instructions to send me a set of your Roon logs when you are in this state? Please send the logs from the Roon Remote, not the Core in this case.

Hello @Shin_ichi_Ohno ,

Thanks again for sending the logs over. I spoke to the team regarding your report and we were wondering if there is any set of reproduction steps that you could share to get into this state?

Which zone did you switch from? Is it reproducible each time you switch from that zone?

What zones are you grouping afterwards? Can you list steps please? Thanks!

@noris Thanks for the investigation.

I’m sorry. I already forgot…

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