Duplicated playlists from Tidal and iTunes


I have used the app MusConv to replicate my iTunes playlists. It did a pretty good job, and now I have hires versions of them. Only issue now is that Roon is showing duplicates of all the playlists. Is there any way to hide the iTunes versions?

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Hi @ethelthefrog,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you here, can I please ask you to share a screenshot of your playlist folder and also a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> Storage tab? Where are these playlist files being stored, are they on the root folder of your music directory?


I’m not sure what you mean by my playlist folder…they are stored in the iTunes .xml file, not in a folder. I’ve sent you the playlists as they appear in Roon instead, but let me know what you need. My music library, including the iTunes library and associated folders and files are all in the same external SSD folder in the screenshot.



Just checking on this to see ir you have any suggestions…

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Hi @ethelthefrog,

I appreciate your patience here, I had to double check your question with the technical team.

The only way to disable the iTunes version from showing up would be to press the 3-dot drop-down menu in the folder settings and disable the “Import iTunes Content” switch.


Do note, that this will disable all of your iTunes playlists for that specific folder and there is unfortunately not a mechanism to delete individual playlist files while also retaining some of them. Does toggling that switch help?


Thanks again for your help. This is an option but I’m not sure I want them all gone. I’ll play around with it and see where things work out.

Appreciate all your help on my issues!


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