Dutch & Dutch 8c: hiccups with audio [resolved]

To add a slightly more significant issue: I notice that the right speaker has very very small but audible hickups every minute or so when playing through Roon. As if playing a vinyl. I suspect that this is resyncing the clocks between the speakers and maybe too large a resync to capture cleanly (buffer underrun?). This is not there when my oppo feeds the speakers with Roon over AES. Any requirements\recommendations for network setup? I will reorganize the utp connections to see if the issue disappears.

Hi no such issue with any roonready firmwares I’ve tried (3 beta versions) so I suspect it’s something in your setup

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There is so much variation in routers and UTP networks and off course if the system didn’t work on most configs it wouldn’t get out of beta. I have a quite an extensive number of wired connections in house and a couple of hubs, so maybe something is hogging the network or just maybe the router or a hub has some software not working great with the speaker syncing. I’ll try to figure that out. It might help if you would share your setup. E.g. your router, additional hubs etc. I connect via Netgear orbi RB50 in router mode and downstream a 1gbit hub both speakers are connected, upstream is a ziggo modem of the local ISP. The Roon server is on another port of the RB50. All cabling is either cat5e or cat6. Any feedback from D&D might be helpful to. Perhaps they also have some internal logging to help in pinpointing what is going on.

My setup is super simple:

Dutch & Dutch 8c’s
Antipodes CX server
Virgin Media Hub 3 router (also a 4 port hub)

Various roon remote devices

Sony Bravia KD-55AG8
AV goes through the above via a CYP ARC11 HMDI ARC-CEC device
All cables by Van Damme (Ethernet CAT6A & Phono to XLR) from www.designacable.com

Tnx for that! I think I found the issue. Roon core runs on my MacBook. Despite an Ethernet adapter it sometimes chooses WiFi over the wired connection. When switched to Ethernet it doesn’t occur (or maybe very shortly at start of streaming on either speaker).