Dutch & Dutch 8c: pre-Roon Ready thread

For all of us who owns a pair of D&D8C, and for all of you who are interested in them and need questions answered.

Ive seen a lot of D&D8C discussion in other topics. Thought it would be better to start a new one.

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Ive had the Dutch & Dutch since September 2018. Coming from a conventional rig with A LOT of components this is heaven, without loosing SQ at all. The Dutch & Dutch 8C adapts to the room amazingly. I´ve still got my room treatment in the room. Room treatment and the speakers DSP = miracle.

I listened to the Kii3 a lot at my local dealer. I loved the concept of getting away from all the components i had. But there was something about the sound of the Kii3 that i quite didnt like. Also, the remote control running thru the living room floor to be able control them… was a little turn of.

My dealer called me some months later and said he had something i would be interested in. He showed me the Dutch and Dutch. It literally took me 5 seconds to hear that in MY ears, they sounded a lot smoother than the Kii3. The Kii3 sounds almost mechanical compared, and are much harder in the top than the D&D8C. I like to listen loud. With the 8C i can listen loud for a long time without fatigue. The lows are in my opinion deeper then the Kii3. Of course, bigger driver, bigger speaker. The D&D8C is more dynamic and delivers a bigger “punch”. Listening to the OST Soundtrack of Blade Runner 2049 by Hans Zimmer gets the doors in the apartment moving. The speakers can really pressurize the room.

The Kii3 is also a pair of great speakers, but in my opinion the D&D8C are better. Also, the D&D8C is way cheaper. Its a no-brainer for me.

Kii3 120 000 SEK
Kii Remote 17 000 SEK
Kii Stands 9 000 SEK

Dutch & Dutch 8C 105 000 SEK
My modified custom design RS304 5000 SEK


Have you gone into the future to acquire them? :laughing:


Very curious about these speakers @J.D, thanks for posting your experience. Couple questions:

  • what are you driving them with?
  • what were “all the components” they replaced?

Many thx

haha :sunglasses: sorry i mean 2018.
Thank you :smile:

John (Darko) has a pair in at the moment. Not sure of timescales for a review being published though.

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8c will be Roon ready at some point. The speakers was scheduled for review in Q1, but pushed till later - hopefully RAAT is ready by then so we will have the review with RAAT in use

I haven’t had a proper demo of the 8C’s yet but I did have a demo of the Kii3’s at a friend’s place (with my own music) and overall impression was it was a touch on the bright side for my personal taste.

Very transparent (which I like) and I mostly liked the overall balance of bass/mids/treble better than other fully active DSP speakers I’ve demo’ed but after an hour I wanted to turn the volume down a little bit, due to some listening fatigue. It may have also been the room contributing to this.

But I’m looking forward to a proper 8C demo some time soon. I’ve heard it in a short 15 min demo but not with my own favourite test music yet.

Before i had a pair of Triangle Magellan Duetto speakers, powered by a NuVista 800 amplifier. The dac was a T+A DAC 8 DSD . Isotek power cleaner.
That was my latest setup before jumping in to the active world.
Before that i was in too floor standers…

I never for a second refret buying the D&D8C :slight_smile:


I believe his has postponed the review due to the upcoming update that will give the D&D8C Roon endpoint. There is no reason showing them without the Roon…
Thats my Sherlock Holmes speaking.

I understand what you mean. Felt exactly the same as you.
Compared to the D&D8C (once again, in my ears) they are mechanic sounding…or bright as you explain. At higher volumes the transparency takes over, the top becomes to much…
The D&D8C is once again compared to the Kii3 more “organic” sounding.

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I believe thats the reason Darko dont review them i Q1 :slight_smile:

I had the 8C’s demo against the Kii’s at home last year, they were the easiest buying decision I made, just more organic and lots of holy f*** moments.

Currently using them being fed by a Roon & Linn KDS using analogue inputs. My Trinnov Amethyst is currently redundant, and depending on the RAAT upgrade, could well be making the KDS redundant.

I am also looking forward to the sub woofer upgrade if it appears at the same time as 8C’s being Roon Ready - as I am currently using them with JL Audio Fathoms


Some of my own test tracks are also some of the brightest in my collection. That’s deliberate for demo’ing purposes. While those particular tracks are on the bright side of my person taste, they happen to be some of my favourite songs .

I did see in JA’s measurements in Stereophile (and another review + measurement which I can’t remember right now) comments about the Kii3’s cabinet getting more excited than they expected. Hard to know if that’s factor.

It sounds like I need to hurry up with arranging a proper demo of the 8C’s.

A small 1.5dB adjustment to either speaker THREE or 8Cs makes them tonally pretty similar , both excellent imo.


Where in Sweden did you listen to the 8Cs? I’m in Stockholm.

At Perfect Sense, Bromma.


We might be in for a long wait for the Darko review if he is waiting on an update. According to this long running thread on Gearslutz they have suspended updates until they sort out issues caused by the last update. Page 31/Post #910 onwards mentions the issues to save you wading through it:


Both are indeed excellent speakers.
I spent quite a lot of time with the Kii3 at the dealer, yes you could change the sound a little,
but they were still hard on the top imo.

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Anthony, ive seen it :frowning:
I dont know how long it will take them to fix the problems… i also dont think we are going to see Roon in an near future. The speakers are amazing, best ive ever had in this size.
I could wait for Roon, but the only reason i want it now is because my Innuos Statement Server arrived 3 days ago.