Dynafrips Terminator Plus vs PS Audio DirectStream Dac…any thoughts?

I’m looking for an upgrade from my Cocktail Audio X45 Pro. I’m considering the PS Audio DirectStream Dac and the Dynafrips Terminator Plus. Anyone have any thoughts on the two, or have recommendations on other DACs in the $6k-$7k range, preferably with an i2s input?

You can save a bit… The Holo Audio Spring 2 KTE I own (discontinued), its forthcoming replacement Spring 3, and the Holo May KTE flagship are all under $5K. I’ve only heard the Spring 2 KTE (and the earlier Spring 1), but from everything I’ve read, the other models are also very worthy if a bit pricier.

We have the Terminator Plus, and the Terminator prior to that. We use i2s from a Jays Audio CD transport and USB from an Auralic Aries G2. Very pleased with this combination. Denafrips brings great products to the market.

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I own the PSA DS. Unfortunately you are looking at it a little late in its lifecycle. The last firmware update just came out two weeks ago. It won’t be updated again. I personally am not complaining. If memory servers there’s been 5 or 6 free/no cost firmware updates in the past six years, even to second hand owners. Each one has made the DS better and better. The last update is phenomenal. It’s as if I purchased a new DAC. Forum reports have been overwhelmingly positive. If you are willing to wait, the next DS, the DS MKII is in the works and is supposedly available before the end of the year. Rumor has it that it will be priced similarly to a new current DS.

If you do choose to buy either of your current choices, I wouldn’t purchase either new. There are plenty of great examples of both on the used market.

Have you considered the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge II (Edit: I meant Manhattan II) ? It is a nice DAC as well. Very neutral, fast, good weight, and musical. The only reason I moved on is because I headed towards a full stack of PS Audio.

The Brooklyn Bridge II isn’t slated to be released until July, along with the Manhattan Bridge. As the better of the two, the Manhattan, is based upon the same chip as my current DAC (ESS ES9038Pro), I doubt it will be enough of an improvement to spend the cash on. I’m looking for a significant improvement. So, I’m reading and watching everything I can to guide me.

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Sorry I meant Manhattan II. I am not sure where Bridge came from.

And I am an ex-New Yorker…head hanging in shame.