Dynamic range: did the knowledge base make a little mistake? [Yes, Edit made]

kb for Dynamic Range
The knowledge base says: “… The computed dynamic range represents the difference between the 10th percentile and the 95th percentile of that distribution. In other words, the “top” of the range is the volume level that 95% of the track sits below, and the “bottom” is the volume level that 10% of the track sits above.” The last word in the quote is “above” but I think it should be “below”.

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I think you’re correct. The range is 10 to 95, and bottom of the range should have 10% of the track below that “bottom”.

Thanks for the pickup @Robert_Blakely.

I think it should read “…and the “bottom” is the volume level that 90% of the Track sits above.”

I’ll edit this later tonight.