Dynamic Range looks incorrect / R128 screenshots to demonstrate

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

iMac, latest Roon version

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Synology NAS, Ethernet from iMac

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Auralic Aries via WiFi

Description Of Issue

I have been digitising some of my vinyl and have noticed that the DR analysed by Roon cannot be correct. Today I downloaded a trial version of the DROffline MK II (by Maat) to test. This measures the DR using the R128 specs. Please check out the screenshots below - there are large discrepancies between Roon and DROffline. FYI the resolution of the vinyl transfer is 192 kHz/24 bit.
Please advise…

I’m prepared to be wrong on this, but the results aren’t wildly different. 2.34 LU on DROffline where Roon states 2.4 LU. Judging by the TP on the left hitting 0.00 it’s likely this recording has been normalised and depending on the quality of the ripping software could potentially degrade the dynamic range.

Hi Rob,

how do you explain the DR difference for the album of 13 vs Roon’s 5?
On the track there is an even greater difference: 14 vs 2 in Roon.
Recording was vinyl via Mytec Brooklyn ADC to Tascam hard disc recorder and then via usb stick to my Mac. Nothing normalised.

Because those numbers are not R128, they are MAAT’s own DR rating that is Crest-Like (according to their manual and website). See my marked-up clip of your clip.

Websites to Review:


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Hi @Nickf
I have read that recordings made from vinyl give inflated DR numbers compared to their fully digital counterparts. Sorry, I can’t remember the reason for this, I’m sure that you can find something about this if you search with Google. Cheers!

Hi Daniel,

If that is so, I do not understand why a heavily compressed track by Red Hot Chilli Peppers from 2011 has the same DR as the original Galliano vinyl from 1991. So far I thought that the more a track is compressed, the less dynamics remain (Loudness War). I’m lost… See below:

That doesn’t look like a heavily compressed track to me; rather there short bursts of loudness and quiet.

Hi Nick. I think you really need to read and understand the links I left in my last post. DR as measured by the Crest Factor, and MAAT, and which is used in the Loudness Database is a different and not comparable methodology.

R128 is a broadcast standard and does not measure compression in the way you want it to. It is used by Roon for volume leveling.

Search the forums for R128, Crest, and DR. You will see any number of threads discussing the differences.



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Hi Daniel. Thanks for the links to the threads - this will be some interesting reading. I see the R128 standard makes absolute sense for volume levelling which I use for my play lists. As for dynamic range, the Maat meter makes more sense to me and at around € 15 I‘ll be using the basic DROffline meter in future for some selected albums. Thanks again - that was helpful.

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