Dynaudio Focus 30 (new serie)

Anyone with hands on experience so far?

I have an appointment at a local dealer.
Acc. to my understanding the Focus 30 is not yet Roon Ready.

That’s also my understanding.
Interesting to know, whether the new serie is living up to its predecessor, it looks as it basically the Evoke model made active.

It seems the whole (new) focus serie is now Roon Ready.

Anyone to share his experience with these speakers?

Indeed, it looks very similar to evoke but there is no bass relfex on the new one. It should drastically change bass dynamics (appart from the fact that they are active…)

Interesting. Looks like this could become the most minimal Roon setup with only a Roon core (e.g. Rock, Nucleus or else) feeding active speakers directly over (W)Lan without any further hardware involved. Or did I miss something here?

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You are correct in that would be a lovely set-up.
There are already other Roon Ready speakers though. Having the core on Ethernet and the speakers around the house all on WiFI could become challenging if running a lot if rooms, but I bet this is the setup of the future.

Up to now the warranties have been poor (normally 1 or 2 years) but I seem to remember that Dynaudio are offering 5 year warranty on the electronics and 10 years on the speaker portions and that seems more reasonable.

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Thats a very good point, espacially compared to kef ls60.

Appart from audio qualities, the software stability will also be very important. I hope this would be stable enough at this price range, else it could be a nightmare and it is always hard to value in the garantee.

Unfortunatly, there very rare user feedback so far.

Just installed the Focus 10 on stands. Really impressed so far. Hard wired CAT5 to my router and feeding it wirelessly with my Roon Nucleus. Upgraded the power cables. Haven’t tried Dirac yet.

No drop offs; it’s been rock solid. Coming out of stand by takes around 30 sec but there is a setting to decrease the wake-up time.

I didnt like having to install Google Home but I read that the wireless tech Dynaudio uses was bought out by google.

Also connected to my TV via WISA connection. Had to fiddle as there was some audio compatibility issues with movies but not a biggie and the sound coming out the Focus 10 was really good.

$6,500 inc stands and upgraded power cables. Worth every penny so far.

BTW, there is an 8-year warranty for these speakers from Dynaudio and it’s transferable with receipt.



After several weeks, have you come across new interesting discoveries? Still no dirac? Still rock solid software?

Yup: rock solid streaming - zero drop offs; I’m pleasantly surprised. Added some additional bass via Roon’s DSP. Have the speakers basic DSP set at ‘behind wall’ and ‘at corner.’ Not sure if it does anything - I can’t hear differences between this setting and ‘neutral.’

Being able to control the music with my cell phone is incredibly convenient. The speakers are settling in nicely. I don’t play loud heavy metal; just vocals, light jazz, chamber music, and pop.

These speakers just ‘work.’ The only disappointment is the WISA connection to my TV, there continues to be a sync issue with Dolby Atmos so I just turn it off on my TV and it’s fine. A bit of a hassle to connect via WISA; if I keep the eHDMI connection, the TV defaults to it even if I set the TV to TV sound so I have to unplug the eHDMI connection if I don’t want WISA connectivity - a PITA.

Other than that, these speakers continue to make me smile every time I play them.

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I do want to add that I have fiber installed in my home so my connection is very fast. Also, I wish the Dynaudio stands were a little higher.

Thanks for your feedback.
So at the end, do you use wisa with Tv? Is this what you meant? You just deactivate dolby atmos? Did I get it well?
I am very interested as I am about to do the same at home. Having TV sound without wires seduces me a lot.
Is it easy to swicth between tv and music? Is it automatic? Or do you have to press a button on the remote to move from music to tv and reciprocally?

The issue with my Samsung TV is that it defaults to the WISA connection unless I unplug the WISA connector. I dont always want to use the Focus speakers when watching TV. So I unplug the WISA until I want to watch a movie with sound from the Focus speakers.

When watching Netflix with sound from WISA/Focus speakers, I have to change the audio track in Netflix so that there is no Dolby Atmos.

2-month update:

This is the perfect (for me) marriage of high quality audio (via streaming hi-res music) and ultimate convenience (no separate components, trying to match synergies between amp-speaker-DAC, and tons of cables/cable synergies) via ROON and my tablet/phone.

The connection is rock solid and the sound quality is superb. My only niggle is that I need to boost the bass but I expect that in such small speakers. My next speaker purchase will be larger Focus speakers.

I did also try using Tidal, direct, instead of via ROON. I can’t really tell the sound difference between that and ROON.

Back to the music.




Looked at the Dirac website for a bit. I don’t see/hear the need for it. These speakers just sing and I’m enjoying the music; not interested in nit-picking the bass (the only weakness for me) which is to be expected for small speakers. I might add a subwoofer or just get the Focus 30s…lol.