Each time I start up Roon, Tidal fails auto login [Resolved in Build 610]

Same problem since last update (v1.7 (build 537) here. Each time I start up Roon, Tidal fails auto login with error message, then directs to website with new login, which is go for the session until next time…

I have the same thing. On Roon 1.7 build 555 now.

Always, when starting the core laptop and Roon in the morning, I first get the “login failed” message about Tidal. At “Retry” I land in a browser screen to log into Tidal, I confirm my Apple account and that gets me back into the Roon screen with Tidal active.

This has always been so, from the start and I frankly wasn’t even aware this should go automatically.

In Settings->Services I can see I’m signed in with my Apple mac.com account. I can log out, then log in again, popping through the web broser “Yes, continue” and back in Roon.

Is there a way to make this go automatically?

Would love to hear about it :wink:

It’s a known issue and roon are working on a fix.

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Thankyou @ged_hickman1 ! – Funny that i wasn’t even aware this is an issue. The automatic login would be an extra welcome new feature for me :wink:

Hi @Cdamo and @Gert_Jan_Lodder,

We have an improvement coming soon which we believe will improve things here. Keep an eye out for a new release in the near future and let us know how it goes after you update!


That’s great or should I say hopeful news ;), @dylan!

I can’t wait till this problem is solved, because it’s irritating me more and more. Let’s hope the new release will fix it!

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In 1.7 5.71 I still get the “Login failed: Retry” option,

but after clicking Retry all is well. No more popping into the browser & Continue & popping back into Roon.

Same thing happens here.

The current version 1.7 (610) does the Tidal auto-login perfectly!

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Totally agree, Frans!

Thank you guys for your commitment and solution, much appreciated!

I’m glad to hear that things are working for you now! Happy listening :headphones:

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