Easy and automated Roon display

This is what I am looking for. But in another thread, there were complaints about the integration (display stops showing roon after 15 min or so).

Is it stable with yours? What is your display showing? Is it the roon display visual wit album art etc?

Works great for me and displays Artist photo with small cover art

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Oh! That’s sounds great! As I said: they were issues written in a thread here about stability. I will give it a try after your positive feedback!

Sorry for asking again: so the hub starts automatically with the linked zone and then goes to stand by automatically after a while?

haha yes…I left it running for about 45min now and it is still casting the artist photo, small cover art, time display and waveform, and lyrics if available.

It starts automatically when I start playback on the designated zone, and reverts to Google screen saver after a couple of minutes if I stop it. If I ask google for the weather while it is showing the roon info, it shows me the weather, and returns to the roon info after a couple of seconds.

So on my network it is stable :slight_smile:

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I will buy one today :slight_smile:

I have it here and it works! Now in operation for over 15 Mins. One drawback: Display is for my viewing distance a little but too small. Layout settings would be fine to e.g. increase the font. Other than that: GREAT display and easy to use (starts automatically with selected zone!). @Wouter_du_Toit thanks again for your post!

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Chromecast + Cheap TV? Will cost more, but bigger display.

But no auto on/off and not a good appearance overall imho.

Google Nest Home Max could do the job, but it isn’t available yet. As I said: having settings for the room display (font size would suffice) would lead to great things :slight_smile:

Ropieee and touch screen would do the same and also act as a remote. You set it up to whatever zone you wan to control have feedback from. It starts automatically when you play to that endpoint. I don’t understand why you would want other zones to show up if your not in the room it’s playing in.

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I wonder. In theory a chromecast could do this via HDMI. Whether it does, I have no idea. I believe it is turned on via HDMI.

I don’t need it to control, only to see the content. Roon display is much more beautiful than RPI/RoPiee + the Google Nest Hub is easy to use and well made. Easy setup.
PS: it is only linked to one zone

Now on my table. Better visibility for my eyes.

Hi SSK84.
I am also on the lookout for a display unit ot see whats playing in my main Roon Zone - My Living room - I do not like the idea of casting to my TV and prefer the smaller screen display.

How is the Google nest 7 fairing up? does it stop or go into power saving mode and display afet a length of time or keeps on displaying whats playing till you stop it?


Well I returned the Google Home Hub. It was not working stable. To use the TV is too much of distraction imho. Let’s look what happens in the future…

AFAIK the Google Home Hub is still not confirmed as fully working and stable with Roon. Roon have not done any fixes to make it stable, according to the release notes (presuming it is Roon’s issue to fix). So broken for over a year now…

Every time the nest/home hubs go on sale the same ridiculous Sisyphean story plays out for me over the course of a day or two.

The story begins with excitement over the idea of having a display in every zone while also being puzzled that I hadn’t thought about this before.

Next comes sadness as I read through these threads detailing the instability with using the hub as a display. This is the point in the story when I am temporarily concerned for my memory since I now recognize that it’s probably the 10th time that I’ve gone through this process (the hubs go on sale very often, is that a good/bad sign for their future?).

I ponder the state of my memory and suddenly excitement rages again when I remember that the wonderful RPi can be used as a zone display/control with RoPieee. I dig through my drawer of rpi components and excitedly put everything together again only to be hopelessly crushed when I’m greeting by an old nemesis, the terrible viewing angle of the official rpi screen case. The case essentially rotates the display 180 degrees and it leads to a very odd vertical viewing angle and it always quickly sours me on the solution.

This leads to research into the nativ music player which is a lot of oohs and aahs with the final realization that I don’t want any of the endpoint functionality I purely want the screen/remote.

I put all of my equipment away and curse whatever sale led me to the same dark end as usual.

However, this time I drew inspiration from all of the posts I read and I think the story will proceed differently. I purchased charging stands to repurpose old iPads to use as full remotes in my high traffic zones. I also bought more 90 degree angle usb micro adapters so I can finally flip the rpi screen right side up and use it in my lower traffic areas, the ropieee display/remote functionality is too good to sit unused.

Seeing as I enjoy the punishment I will likely still get the nest/home hubs (and nativ players) one day but right now I will absolutely do more to enjoy the functionality we already have today!

Thanks for reading, dm if you’re interested in turning my tale into a film/miniseries :grin:


Have you looked into setting up the Web Controller Extension and then you can run its web controller in a browser. Might not be exactly what you want.

Take a peak. Roon Extension: Roon Web Controller v1.2.0

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I’ve completely missed this extension, it is definitely interesting and I think will be very useful. I had started reading some of the other tinkering threads recently so I guess I need to spend more time in that section of the forum.

I’ve realized that I have roughly 3 use cases for these fixed location type of displays/remotes and this looks like it definitely satisfies one of them.

A fully featured client (app on a tablet/off the shelf player with display) for when I will be in close proximity for extended periods (kitchen).

A view only (chrome cast/web display) for when I merely want a glance at what is playing (bedroom, dining, lounge area, etc.)

A simplified remote (previously ropieee but this looks like it might be better suited with my surplus tablets) for areas where I’m in somewhat close proximity and only need light interactions (office, closet, bathroom, etc.).

This extension seems perfect for my last use case so thank you very much for pointing it out. Your time is appreciated very much!

Absolutely! Have a look in this thread: Slideshow of artwork from album folder in Now Playing View