Easy way to navigate to a track's source folder

My core is installed on a sonic Transporter i5. My collection is my NAS. And I do my track grooming and cleaning up tags, removing unwanted albums and so forth on my PC.

So I often need to navigate to the NAS folder where the album resides.
But there is no easy way to get to the folder. It seems the only option is to see the folder source in File Info then navigate there manually. This is cumbersome.

There is also the “Copy File Path to Clipboard” but that takes you to Roon GUI, not the folder.

Thank you

+1, this would be very useful. At the moment I’m using BetterTouchTool (on a Mac) to send a string of commands that opens the relevant folder, but this is a rather clunky solution. It would be much easier if I could just click a link and get straight to the relevant location.

Care to share?

I was wondering what kind of macro I could run on my pc to do something similar.

Ah yes, the old browse by folder problem, and work arounds.

No it’s not a browse by folder problem like allready discussed to death. It’s about easily getting access to a folder so you can edit the file tags, something that can’t be done easily within Roon. That’s a different question than music browsing by folder.

I hope the moderators won’t close the topic this time just because it got the term “folder” in it

I was just on my iMac running as a Roon Remote and used the “Copy File Path To Clipboard” for the first track of an album and I got this:

/storage/music/Roon Music/Pink Floyd/The Dark Side of the Moon [Capitol SACD]/01 - Speak To Me.dsf

That is the actually path on the Roon Core storage device. Do you not get that when the storage device is network storage instead of a local drive on the Roon Core?

My storage is a NAS. My Core is Transporter. I work from a PC.
The “Copy File Path To Clipboard” takes me to a 404 error. What is that link supposed to do exactly?
Can I edit the rules to that copy to clipboard? With a few tweaks it would be helpful