ECM in Tidal is available now (now available in Roon)

Since few days ECM Records music is availabe on Tidal. This is a great news for ECM fans and music lovers. The only issue is that some of enabled albums can not be played on Roon. Each track his marked as unavailable. Do you have the same issue ?

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I can see lots of albums in the Tidal client, playable. In Roon these are still flagged as unavailable.

Let’s see what happens. It could either be a fluke on Tidal’s end that ECM is alive and streaming in their clients – or hell has frozen over and Roon has some catching up to do.


Hmmm… It’s playing in BluOS as well – in MQA (!):

Something is happening.

Michael Mantler (ECM2537) and Jon Balke (ECM2572) are both available directly through Roon (UK).

This is Roon issue only. I can play all ECM albums using BubbleUPNP player without any issue. Let’s hope it wil be fixed soon.

I think this is a recent (and quite shocking) development.

Let’s flag @support here to see if they can shed a little light on this.

Cześć krajan - dzięki za super info; ekstra, że ECM gra z Tidala, i to w MQA :grinning:
Ale u mnie z Roona też gra całkiem poprawnie, kilka próbowałem; np Maciej Obara.

And for everybody:
Thank you for this fantastic information! That’s great that ECM plays in Tidal and MQA.
But My Roon setup also plays it quite well, I’ve tried several; Maciej Obara for example.

available in roon as well

This is incredible news!!!

Lots of albums in MQA… all available in the tidal app and BluOs but only few available in roon.

Come on @support flip that switch

This album plays flowlesly but other recently added albums are " unavailable" in Roon while they can be streamed using other software without problems.

Quite. :slight_smile:

From the looks of it, the entire ECM catalog is available in Tidal, with releases of the last few years in MQA (some even further back).

This may make me rethink my library approach.

Most recent albums: “THE STUDY OF TOUCH DJANGO BATES’ BELOVÈD” and “COMMENT C’EST MICHAEL MANTLER” are available and plays in MQA mode.
Give an example not available one.

Check out this album in TIDAL: “Barzakh” by Anouar Brahem

This is the example of the album which is unavailable for roon to play but playable on other applications.

Only "Blue Maqam"s is available in Roon (in MQA even) no other albums available in roon. Many (but not all) of his albums are available in the tidal & Bluesound app. "Vague"and “Astrakan Café” for example are not showing for me in tidal.

Well, unfortunately - Roon, you have to work a little harder :slight_smile:

After half an hour of favouriting in the Tidal app, I now have ~150 ECM MQA albums ready to play in the Bluesound app – and these are just the ones I already have in Roon and listen to regularly. :slight_smile:

I think all will show and play in Roon just fine when things are synced up properly, but let’s wait what the Roonies have to say.

Also a good time to bugger Bluesound about that RoonReady SDK update… :wink:

But until then – ECM in MQA sounds pretty good to me, with the Node 2 doing the first unfold, Dirac doing RC in the MiniDSP and the Meridian DSP speakers just singing happily.

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Fantastic news, really fantastic.

All we need now is the ability to search by label :frowning:

In the interim could someone possibly create a playlist in Tidal and post a link to shortcut the process of finding the ECM albums (MQA or not). I know some of the artists, not others.

Thanks in advance

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Try these. What’s your locale?

They both play in roon. (Belgium)
it seems the latests ECM albums are already available in roon but most others are only still available through Tidal / BluOs.


Hey guys – we looked into this, and we can see that some of the licensing data (which determines when we can actually stream a given piece of content) was a little slow to update on TIDAL’s side over the last few days.

What you’re seeing now is likely just the lag between when we receive the data and when it’s all fully processed on our servers and deployed out to you guys.

Since TIDAL’s data now appears to have been updated, we expect this to be resolved over the next day or two, but we’ll be actively monitoring this so please let us know specific albums you’re not able to stream and we’ll take a look.

Thanks all – enjoy (soon) :innocent:


Thank you Mike for your quick feedback. We will monitor the situation very closely next week and let you know if this issue will be resolved. The ECM content on Tidal has been desired by many of us for a long time so we are happy that this finally came true.
One of the difficulties with Tidal from my perspective is that there is no functionality there to browse by Label. I might be requesting something impossible but do you think this kind of future could be added to Roon in next releases?
When Tidal album is added to favorites then the searching by Label in Roon works perfectly but it would be great if this could work the whole Tidal library.

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