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I’m trying to edit the artwork on an album. Roon doesn’t provide the artwork I want among the options.
I want to add my own artwork from the web. I’ve tried many times without success. Can anyone provide step by step instructions for how to do thiis…using an iPad if possible or, if not, a Windows pc? Thanks!


FAQ: How do I change the cover art of an album?

You can always add new cover art via an album’s Edit screen, which you can access by clicking Edit under the 3 dots menu and selecting the “Edit Fields” tab.

From the Album Artwork section, you can choose between the cover art that Roon has retrieved, the cover art embedded in your files, or any cover art you want to add yourself.

By default, Roon used the highest resolution front cover available.


Thanks. I am familiar with all that. My problem is that none of the album art options offered by Roon are correct. I want to add my own album art, as you say. I can’t figure out how or find any detailed instructions. I’m hoping for step by step instructions for doing this.

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Agreed, when one tries to add album art the only option (for an iPad, at least) is to paste a url link to the artwork. Not much use if the artwork is on the iPad, browse to the artwork location would be a better option IMHO.

You didn’t say, but is your music local (ie it’s not on tidal or quobuz)? If so, then try something like this:

  1. download the artwork file.
  2. rename it to cover.jpg (if it wasn’t a jpg file, keep whatever extension it had and hope Roon supports it)
  3. copy cover.jpg to the folder containing the album.
  4. edit the album like you did before and under the album art section, you should now have the choice of the file you just added.

There’s many other ways you can accomplish what you wanted, this is just one way. Others may prefer different methods.

As Paul points out, an iPad is limited in only being able to use URL links to artwork - it’s better to use a PC (or Mac) for this, since it gives more options.

Using Roon on your Windows PC, open the Album Editor for the album you want to add your artwork to, and click on the “Edit Album” tag. Scroll down to the Album Artwork section, and click the blue “Add Image” button to display the pop-up “Add an image” window (shown here). Click on the “Browse for image…” button and browse through your PC’s folders to locate the artwork file you want to use. Select it, click on the “Select” button, and then click on “Save”.

What I do is (android tablet, sorry)

  1. Search using Google images
  2. Once found, right click and select open image in new tab . This is important - the URL must be pointing to the image only; not a page containing the image.
  3. Select and copy the URL now shown in the browser.

4. Back in Roon, find your album, 3 dots edit > edit album > album artwork, add image > paste URL.


Excellent point, and one that is not always apparent to people. It may be second nature to computer-savvy folks, but I suspect Roon people span a wider demographic…

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