Edit channel order with multichannel streaming

Roon can play/stream multichannel music. But some labels (eg. 2L from Norway) have different channel order after the L/R channels. Is there a way that Roon can help to change the channel order here ? Even with my Trinnov Altitude its complicated to change the channel order. Can ROON do something here or how it can be done ?

There is this under device setup

(I use this to handle 5.1.2 atmos)

Thanks for that info.The problem here is that only the sides rears can be changed/swapped. As i wrote some Labels have different channels order on their discs, so the sub for examle is always the last channel. My wish is that there is no limitations after the L/R channel or at all to align/reorder the channels.

If different recordings have different channel layouts, that seems hard to accommodate in Roon. I think that Roon only looks at the order and ignores any labels (I’m not sure about that).

I have a lot of 2L recordings but have not encountered that issue. If you are playing from files (and presumably that is the case if you are using Roon), one possibility is re-order the channel layout in those file using MMH Music Media Helper (Tools for Multichannel Audio & Music Videos) | QuadraphonicQuad Home Audio Forum

Thanks, will check it out.