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After updating from 831 to 880 and 882, the database has lost all edited data (titles, groupings, etc.) of my 4,000 local albums (Music Folder). In contrast, the edited data belonging to albums from Qobuz and Tidal has been preserved. It takes Roon about two days to re-identify the metadata for the 4,000 local albums on the Internet.
I have tried recovering the last 831 database backup, but the result is the same, it seems that the 882 does not support the data stored in the 831, but there is no way to reinstall the 831.
Is there a way to retrieve the edit data from my 831 backup and put it into the 882? Or am I doomed to lose them and have to start over and over again?

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I have managed to recover the edit data of my local albums on a version 1.8 (884) on my second portable server (Mac Book Pro) with my library on an external disk (this is how the last backup was made (831) because I was traveling ). So the problem does not seem of compatibility between the two versions of the database but of a conflict between the backup copies of my database (made on the MacBook Pro with the library on the external disk) and the recovery of the backup of this same database on the Innuos Statement server, with the same albums on its internal SSD). For some reason the restored database does not identify the albums in the server’s internal library, loses the edit data and starts a search of the metadata on the Internet.
Please, could someone help me on how to make compatible the restoration of the backup of the database on the server and the recognition of the internal library of the server? Thanks!

Hi Luis. My apologies for the delayed response to your post. Would you be able to let me know if you are still having issues with this? If so, please let me know and we can look into this further. Thank you!

Hello Kent, thank you very much for your help, the truth is that I need it because I don’t know how to deal with this problem anymore. At this moment I have updated my server (Innuos Statement) to the latest version of Roon (898) and it works without problem with the streaming albums, but I still have the 4,000 local albums with their metadata missing or corrupted. These are still in the backup of the old version (831).
I think the problem originated from switching the database from the server to the MacBook by copying the files to an external hard drive running the server’s (Linux) OS. Possibly the format of the disk (NTFS) caused the problem, using Roon on the MacBook I could access the files but not modify or delete them (?). Restoring the latest v831 database backup made on the MacBook (12-15-21) to the server did not recognize the metadata of the server files. I restored the backup copy of the files from the external drive to the server and it also did not recognize the metadata of the local albums and re-query and rebuild them from the Internet, but losing all my editing data.
I appreciate any suggestions or methods to retrieve this metadata and editing data and integrate it into the new version.

Hey @Luis_Cacho,

Thanks for following up with this response — we appreciate the update and your insights.

I think the problem originated from switching the database from the server to the MacBook by copying the files to an external hard drive running the server’s (Linux) OS

You might be on the right path here. I was wondering, have you followed the steps here that help preserve your edits?

If not, would you please give it a try?

Many thanks :pray:

P.S. NTFS formatting works with Roon :nerd_face:

Thank you Rebeka for your answer, although it doesn’t help me much. I have this problem since January 8th and still haven’t received any effective suggestions to solve it. I hope to receive more and more effective care from now on. If necessary, I can expand the information on the case according to your requirements until we resolve it.

My last backup copy with edited data is from 15 Dec 21, it was made on the MacBook Pro with version 831 and the library on the USB drive (named None). THE EDITED DATA EXISTS, because I have reinstalled this copy (12-15-21) on the same MacBook Pro and USB drive and verified that they are not lost. The problem is installing them on the Innuos Statement server (Linux, Innuos 2.0.8, Roon 1.8 904). I install the backup copy 12-15-21 but it doesn’t recognize the local albums and ignores their edit data, treating the local folder as new and looking again for the generic metadata on the Internet.

this earlier case

It seems to indicate that the problem is that the file path is different in the backup copy than in the machine where it is reinstalled, so the local albums are not identified:

  • on MacBook Pro + USB drive: /Volumes/None/backup-011863/music/(album)
  • and in the Innuos: /storage/music/(album) [expressed as “Music Folder”]


For the restoration of the backup copy 15-21-21 (831) to identify the local albums of the Innuos (904):

1 - I guess there is no need to reinstall the library files since they are the same.

2 - Should I change the path in Settings/About/Storage in Innuos? When, before or after reinstalling the backup copy 12-15-21 (831) on Innuos (904)?
3 - How do I change the route?
4 - What is the correct route?


Hi @Luis_Cacho,

Thanks for the thorough reply and for sharing your conclusions.

If I understand the issue correctly (restoring the backup from your Mac to the NAS does not populate the data and edits for your local library), the steps outlined in the article in my last post answers the question.

When wanting to switch Core it is paramount to:

  • have a backup (which you mentioned you do)
  • disable the storage location on the initial Core (the Mac) in Settings → Storage
  • log into Roon on the new Core
  • restore the backup
  • add your storage location in Settings → Storage

To add as a note, the backup you’re trying to restore contains “pointers” to your music in a different location, so it is expected not to work if the above steps are not followed. After re-adding the library as explained above and in the article, a rescan should match the data in your backup to the music.

Please, let me know how it goes :relaxed:

Hello Rebeka, thank you very much again for your time and your attention to my problem. To begin with, I managed to solve the (very serious) problem, not without spending many hours working on it, because the instructions received from you and those available in the Knowledge Base ARE NOT CORRECT. Due to the seriousness of the problem (loss of edit data of local albums in the process of migration to new Core) I suggest you analyze it in detail and transfer it to the support team to improve the documentation of this process, THE CURRENT DOCUMENTATION HAS SHORTCOMINGS AND A VERY SERIOUS ERROR.

To start, you refer me to the FAQ to move the library: https://help.roonlabs.com/portal/en/kb/articles/faq-how-do-i-move-my-collection-to-a-new -folder-hard-drive-or-nas-will-i-lose-my-edits#Steps
When it comes to moving the Core (where the edit data is):

I followed your instructions and the result was negative. I tried several more times changing strategies, until I discovered that:

- The storage folder must be deactivated BEFORE making the backup copy of the database, not after, as you indicated. In this way, the edit data is recovered when reinstalling the backup copy.

Nowhere in the Knowledge Base, to my knowledge, is this stated.

Thanks again for your attention, I understand the difficulty of the problem of technical support work, especially in a platform as complex, fascinating and necessary as Roon.

Best regards

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