Edit Playlist of Qobuz/Tidal

I wanted to bump this thread, it continues to be a barrier to me using Roon more fully for Tidal. I described in this thread that Roon already has different “types” of playlists – a Roon playlist and a Tidal Playlist. Tidal Playlists should be editable back to Tidal (just like hearts in Roon go back to Favorites in Tidal).

There is a Tidal section in Roon. There is a My Favorites section in Tidal area. I am suggesting one solution is to add a My Playlists in that area and from there be able to EDIT the Tidal playlists.

There is no technical reason to not have editable Tidal playlists, Roon is just considering how to have a cohesive user experience, so this is my suggestion.

As a work around, I have some Roon copies of playlists that I can edit and then the existing original Tidal playlist and instantly they are out of sync. When using Tidal mobile, I add to the Tidal playlist. When listening to the Roon version, I delete songs that no longer fit the playlist (or I am tired of hearing) but that song still plays on the Tidal version of the playlist.