Edit storage location and Roon re-analyzes all files

ROCK 1.0 (build 174)

I have changed the cabinet to my HDD in an attempt to make the power saving/go to sleep work with ROCK.

Being reconnected to ROCK i apparently the new cabinet prevents ROCK from recognising the HDD as being the same as before. When editing the search path pointing at the same drive in the new cabinet (names and everything is identical) it happily adds it as a valid storage location.

The issue:
Now Roon starts to reimport all my music and redoing the file analysis. How do I prevent this from happening and having Roon understanding it is the old, analysed music files?

In this case it is actually the same physical HDD in a different cabinet but one could of course translate this to a scenario when moving the music library form one drive to another e g for reasons of restoring the system after a HDD failure.

Hi Hans,
Did you review this knowledge base page? Roon Knowledge Base - Moving Music Files

No, since I was not moving the files but only changing the cabinet I did not beforehand. Reviewing the guide now I conclude it has been followed with the exception I did not have a very fresh backup.

Sake of good order I have redone it a couple of times from the old backup and the result is still that the music is added/reimported. It shows a “New” in my library and the whole collection is being analysed again.

Update on my previous post: Well, the analys progress was very quick compared to the first import so in the end I assume it did not have to redo the whole process. All albums are still displayed as “New” but that is of lesser importance.

To sum up: Issue resolved.

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The New will vanish after a set number of days.

Just keep in mind if Roon is considering this content as new, this could have implications for your play counts, favorites, playlists, etc.

If that doesn’t matter to you, feel free to ignore, but if you want to make sure Roon is continuing to track your files as it was before, you may want to restore a backup from before the storage migration and then follow the instructions Rugby linked to above.

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