Edited tags not processed by Roon

Content you’re reporting an issue with

HDTT Heifetz/Piatigorsky/Primrose album

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?


Is the album identified in Roon?

Yes it’s identified, but the works aren’t listed with the parts.

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

Local DSD 256 file that I downloaded from HDTT and saved directly into my Roon storage area.

Screenshot of import settings

Description of the issue

Roon doesn’t have the movements segmented into individual works. So I edited the tags in mp3tag and added WORK and PART as given in the Roon knowledgebase article

However, Roon doesn’t see the works and parts. The first four movements should be listed under Beethoven Trio Op . 9 No. 2 in D and the last four under Schubert Trio in B-flat. Instead, they’re listed in one jumbled order.

I’ve also added PERSONNEL with the individual artists as given in the Roon article above, and I don’t see those changes in the Credits either.

And as you can see here, mp3tag has the WORK and PARTs set up. This screenshot is after I closed mp3tag, opened it again and loaded the files. So I know what it’s reading is from the files on the disk:

One other thing. As noted in the Roon article, I set the “Multi-part composition grouping” for the album to “Prefer file”. I hit Save and then when look at the album again, the “Multi-part composition grouping” doesn’t have “Prefer file” set! Tried multiple times. Dunno if it’s related to the problem, but…

From the File Tagging Practices FAQ

Where you add multi-part file tags to an identified album, then you should “Prefer File” metadata in the Album Editor / Metadata Preference / Multi-Part Composition Grouping setting.

You get there by going to the album in question, clicking the 3 dot menu, choose edit, choose the Metadata preference tab and select the option you want under Multi-part composition grouping. As shown in screen pic below.

The setting is NOT in the Settings / Library / Import Settings section.

Done that. As I noted in my OP that option doesn’t seem to stick.

Also, sometimes these changes might need a reboot or a rescan to pop, the rescan can be done under the same Album Edit section under Album Options.

That screen doesn’t display the current settings, just provides an option to set them. Thus they are all blank every time you open that screen. Try changing one of the other settings, you’ll notice that after you save and go back in, the radio button’s are both empty again.

Yeah I had tried restarting the Roon server as well as the client. It seems to somehow have the work and part now; not sure how; it seemed to have worked only after a lot of futzing around.

But the Personnel still isn’t updated and neither has the album artist. For Personnel, I have the following in multiple lines (that is, all three credits are separated by newlines):
Piatigorsky - Cello
Heifetz - Violin
Primrose - Viola

and for Album artist I have Heifetz.

But the credits still hasn’t updated.

And what exactly did you do to make Roon import those from your files?

Note: With your current import settings they probably just get ignored:

I’ve tried setting the import settings to prefer the file’s tags, restarted client and server and nope, no luck.

Sorry but it is a bit unclear to me what you are trying to achieve here.

All three artists are already on the album cover, so it’s unlikely that Roon doesn’t already have credits for them.

Possibly against what’s in Roon (judging by the album cover). And also:

Please show the credits tab for the album.

Additionally: Think again about your import settings? Do you really want to change them globally just because of this case or do you better just change the preferences for this album?


Roon is not about users metadata. They are (maybe) there just as sort of a fallback when Roon has no metadata of its own. Trying to get Roon to accept a users metadata and display them as he wants to see them can be a quite cumbersome task. You’ve been warned – there’s no joy going down that road.

What you can do: Use the 3-dots menu of a track and “View credits…” to check track credits (they look more like the credits shown in the old KB-article you linked than the current album credits). Also from the same menu choose “View file info…” and in that window click on “File tags” to inspect what data Roon has imported from your file(s). Use that to decide if you need to “Rescan album” (edit album first tab at the bottom).
If you want to inspect/change the metadata of a single album, use the third tab labeled “EDIT ALBUM” from the Album editor window where you can see and interactively change (if needed) what data from which source is currently being used. Their you can also change the primary artist link(s). As you may notice here, there is no “Prefer file?” option for the primary artist(s). You can’t overwrite that from your files directly – yes your album artist file tag probably does not do what you expected.

Finally if you can’t get the result you want because Roon seems to always interfere but you can’t have it any other way, then you may have to insist and make the album unidentified by Roon (Attention: If you do that then only your file tags are being used and no more other information. Links to other parts [compositions for example] may/will break.). In the first tab when you open the album editor choose “Identify album” and then click “None of these look right”, do that again on the next screen and finally confirm that you want to “Use basic file information” instead.

Hi @shankha,

Thank you for bringing your issue to the attention of the Community. Can you please clarify the following?

  1. What is the filetag editor software you’re using in your initial screenshots?
  2. Are you able to supply a screenshot of the filetags themselves? You can follow @BlackJack’s instructions above:

The tech support team will investigate diagnostics in the meantime; please leave your Core online for at least one hour at some point over the next several days, so our automated pull can communicate to your account. Thank you!

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