Editing album metadata is painful. Please add manual input for TrackNo and DiscNo

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I was trying to import many old albums to Roon Library. Lots of them are not well-organized since it does not originated from digital albums. So when I try to match them with Room metadata database, the manual fix for album metadata is… disgusting and drived me crazy.
The question is, the tracks that cannot be auto mactched will go under the list, and if you want to move it up to the right place, it will mess up all the tracks that above it, so I need to click and scroll for dozens of times to move one track to the right place, it’s ridiculous!!! If I want to move ten tracks in a album that has 50 tracks in total, I have to click for nearly a thousand times! Does it make any sense??
You can maunlly add rows that at the left and specified that disc no and track no manually, why not ust add two inputs at the right side to manully specify the correct disc no and track no that matches the left side?
This is a fundamental user interactive issue, hope it can get improvements soon!

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I stopped importing cd’s. When they are not in the Tidal database, they become a mess and don’t want to be found, although it seems some improvements are made the last years.

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Properly tagged CDs work very well, I have ripped and imported 700 of them. All were found and were complete. Most modern CD ripping programs create mostly correct metadata.

As for @Elvis_Liao, don’t try doing this in Roon. Get a proper tagger with automation support like mp3tag and get your tags ready before importing into Roon


I just don’t understand why I have to use another software to do a job that Roon itself can easily manage

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Because Roon’s vision is that all of this is too painful and should work automatically. This isn’t possible yet in all cases and so they added some tools to perform some minor editing. However, Roon is not meant to be a full-featured automated metadata editor.

Your case requires one because your sources were not digital and so Roon’s automatic identification will fail more often than usual. Use the right tool for the job

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It cannot, as you have found out. Roon’s metadata editing is rather an after thought and hasn’t been significantly changed or improved in the 5 years I have been using the product. However I believe that album identification capability has improved over that time but it is vital that your files have good metadata on import otherwise Roon can easily be thrown off course in trying to identify an album. Incorrect track numbering or a missing track can lead to an album being unidentified.

When importing my albums five years ago I thought that my Sonos library (as it was then) had reasonable metadata, but it did not. It was a mess in places and I purchased mp3Tag to sort out the mess.

I also purchased a program called SongKong, which can automate the process to some degree. The author of SongKong is a forum member @paultaylor and provides discounts for Roon members from time to time as well as support in this forum.


The key things is that, the one-by-one adjustment is just too ridiculous, if devs want to provide the feature, do it right, otherwise just tell us we does not support it, find the other way. However I just can’t imagine any scenarios that are fit for this one-by-one click adjustment… They could have do it better.


Agreed but you are not the first to complain about the album metadata editor. Despite previous requests it has not been fixed. Fix your metadata outside of Roon and you won’t have to suffer using it.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to add multi-select and dragging in the track editor, so you could at least move a bunch of them to the right place, at least.


Editing of metadata is not a core feature of Roon therefore always likely to be neglected, better to sort out before adding to Roon anyway, that way yo are not tied to Ron in any way and Roon will get a better success rate with its auto identification.

We do have a new version of SongKong out, with a new discount code NEVERMINDTHIS if you are interested in giving it a try…


I sympathize with the pain of editing metadata in Roon. I also agree that metadata should be cleansed before installing on Roon. The problem here is that if TIDAL’s metadata gets messed up, Roon will have to edit the metadata. I’m annoyed too.
This is especially the case when an artist with the same name is having issues.


That’s true, but in Tidal one rarely has to edit track listings. And by the way, artist tags in local files don’t actually help if several artists of the same name exist. Roon will seemingly at random assign one of them, at least for smaller artists with possibly less online metadata, so then you have to edit it in Roon anyway

Not so… Tidal is notorious for classical releases with mixed-up track order and wrong metadata. This affects mainly some rather popular labels. Linn comes to mind…

Roon’s ‘anti-human’ UI for getting this right was a major PITA when I was still using Tidal…

Ah yes I keep forgetting the pains of the classical listeners

A great topic here… Have a few Qs myself on this topic that I can’t totally resolve and are now driving me nuts. All come from recent CD importing efforts. Details below but compared to several yrs ago, I’m frustrated with only a ~65% accuracy or so BUT, full disclosure, I’ve decided to add lots of CD compilation box sets and its now become frustrating.
Here’s my “set-up”:
*5 yr ROON user.
*Same for Qobuz.
*CD Ripper software has been/is the latest dBpoweramp suite I bought in 2019 or so; Full license.
*A few yrs bk around 2017-18, I added my 400+ CDs, nearly all single or normal double album CD titles, meaning hardly any COMPILATION CD box sets. My ROON database seemed 98% accurate to Qobuz’ data or the actual CD jacket info, again probably bc I was adding in single or double CD albums from artists??

*But… since 2020 Covidish times, I’ve began to add into ROON my 100 or so (mainly) jazz compilation CD box sets; from Miles Davis 8-CD Live Plugged Nickel (produced problems) to some different Decca/Savoy/Riverside 2-5 CD compilation box sets to various “Complete Recordins of [ ]” artist sets; you guys prob know them. I began to export those multiCD box sets to ROON with POOR/ low accuracy success compared to the box set info itself or Qobuz data.

Q: Why do I see such a delta in accurate listings while ripping & importing into ROON??
NOTE (this evening) was attempting to rip my "Count Basie The Complete Decca Recordings, a nice 3-CD box set w/ great booklet. Ea CD represents a year, 1937 to 1939 respectively. CD1 ripped accurately, CD3 the same but CD2 kept coming up as a Jimmy ? CD. I just finished editing the auto database for it and found/selected CD2 .
Q2: What’s the primary issue? Am i relying on dBpoweramp without monitoring properly?

I feel compelled to mention in case you were unaware, that when you edit metadata in Roon, it does not write that to the file.
A different metadata editor will write the data to your file. That, to me at least, is the biggest reason to use something else.
I use JRiver if needed. I have also dabbled in Musicbrainz.


If I recall correctly, DBPoweramp pulls metadata from discogs, or musicbrainz. You need to make sure that happens correctly before you import into Roon.
You can also edit Roon to choose your Tags over the roon database and If all your stuff is tagged right, that should help.

You can do this with your whole library, or just whatever albums you choose. I do it sometimes when I prefer my Album Art.


PerfectMeta™ online meta-data from Discogs, GD3, SonataDB (Classical), MusicBrainz and freedb simultaneously to retrieve track names and high resolution Album Art [dBpoweramp Reference required]

(Manual: dBpoweramp CD Ripper)

There is then an overview page where you can choose one or edit before ripping.

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Roon isn’t getting metadata for your local files from Qobuz or Tidal.
It’s coming from MusicBrainz and I think, another service the name of which is escaping me.
So it can help if your file tag data is coming from MusicBrainz as well.

Besides having accurate file tags, for multi disc sets it helps if your drive hierarchy is as below:

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IH, thanks for your reply (and to others as well!). Didn’t really know ROON allows any album info editing post importing since I’ve never had too many accuracy issues with simple LPs and also, any metadata tweaks I make while ripping is via my dBpoweramp app. I used to use JRiver for a few years (a great software) up to buying ROON yrs ago and only occasionally ripping/burning media. I’ll read up on ROON’s modest editing ability. NOTE, 95% of my ROON use is via control by way of my Android tablet and this Samsung Ultra 22 Android phone of my trusty Sm Grn Cmptr i5 Transporter ROON server. So I will look at my ROON account on my computer for greater detail / info. Thanks.