Editing Albums and Artists in Library via Network PC

Roon Core Machine

Roon ROCK is running on a NUC connected via Ethernet to my network, I use an IPAD as a remote with WIFI Connection to my network

Networking Gear & Setup Details

My Library is stored on a Synology DS412+ NAS that is hooked up to the network via Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

My NUC is currently connected to a Goldnote DS10+ via USB cable (no ethernet or wireless connectivity between my Goldnote and Roon is currently being used)

Library Size

My library size is more than 120,000 tracks - FLAC, MP3, DSD files all being used

Description of Issue

I am trying to determine if there is a method to edit my library files in ROON via any other device besides the IPAD. I’d like to add Artist images via URL, identify albums that don’t match Roon’s database and get all my files how I’d like them in the Roon Database. I am not trying to update the tags in the original files at this time. I have a desktop PC that is connected via ethernet, but I also have an additional Laptop that I can use if there is a method.

Have you tried installing roon controls on the desktop and/or the laptop and pointing them at the same Rock you have configured for the iPAD? You should be able to do anything you can do on the iPAD by those routes including library management. Is that not working for you?

Hi @Richey_Madison, this is definitely possible on the Desktop and Laptop devices you have. Are you seeing that you’re not able to do so?

Thanks for this, I didn’t know I could install this program on my desktop too…I just did it. Oh my goodness, the self-inflicted pain and suffering I have undergone doing all this manually! Thank you all, I just downloaded and tested it!

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Dyan, was not aware we could do this…I downloaded the software and it is working.

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