Editing artists appearing in credits only

I have been looking for a way to manage the artists appearing in the credits in my albums and tracks in a similar way that artists and composers are managed. The issue I am facing is that there are a lot of duplicates (either with exactly the same name or due to misspelling) and was looking for a way to centrally manage such artists from the credits in a similar way to the way composers and Artists are managed.

I find it very useful to have a view that contains all thes names and the ability to merge, delete and modify them from this view, instead of opening every single track’s credits.

Example: If I would like to add a credit for a specific track and start typing the name I get two records with exactly the some Name. And I cannot find a way to merge them. If I delete one of the two and would need to go to every track they are referenced and change the credit. This is extremely time consuming and I am not sure if possible at all…

Would be great to have such feature in a future release.

Would this help? It’s a bit clunky.
Search for a performer, but ensure you use the magnifying glass.
Scroll down to Library Artists, Performers
Select more than one performer, and a Merge Artists appears.

I agree that dealing with such “minor” artists could be much improved.


Agree this can be improved.
But there are a few useful tricks.
For example, for Tidal albums I had recently edited album credits but found that all the tracks (or many tracks) also had bad track credits (A & B & C as one long string instead of individual artists).

I selected one track (long press or right click), then Select All in the upper left corner), then a Edit Tracks, and Remove Credits. Or instead of selecting all, you can select several.

And as @BrianW said, you can generally select several albums or artists in any kind of listing the appear, and merge them or whatever you need.

@BrianW thank you, This is a nice workaround I did not think of. It applies of course if you already know each name of the performer/artist and is not much use to find out IF you have any duplicates.

In any case, just a question in case you know the answer: I assume performers and Composers are wto different entities and cannot be megred? This is weird because a performer can be a composer at the same time and vice versa…


As iundetstand it, an artist can certainly be a composer as well. Your problem of how to merge them is solvable as long as you can get them on the same screen…

Composer is just a role for the artist/performer, just like drummer.
Composer is treated specially, because that makes sense.
But when you edit Credits, you can specify Composer or Drums in the same way — and you can specify both!

How do you mean “merged”? The roles are different. But if you have two different spellings for the same person, you can merge those in the Artist browser.

@AndersVinberg I meant that sometimes the same person can be a composer and a performer at the same time. In Roon this is treated as two different persons that have the same name. If I upload a picture for person XYZ as a composer, I have to do the same for the same person XYZ as a performer.

I can get them in the same screen but cannot merge them. Roon does not allow to select both if they fall under the category Artist and Composer.

Ok, here’s a real kludge…
Add a composer credit to your performer XYZ, who should now appear under composers.
Can you now merge XYZ with your other composer?
If so, then remove the temporary composer credit.

I haven’t tried this!

@AndersVinberg. @Vassilis_Papaeconomo is talking about performers, rather than artists, and performers don’t appear under Artist tab listings.

I don’t see that.
On this album, Dave Holland is both composer and bass player, and it’s the same person if I click on the link:

Note the presentation of the artist page: it is one person, and you can view the two roles with the buttons on the right:

That said, I have sometimes seen a mistake in the metadata causing two people with the same name (not just performer and composer), and then I go to the entries in the artist browser and merge them without trouble.

When you say Roon doesn’t allow yo7 to merge them, what do you mean? If you attempt to merge, do you get an error message?

What are performers?
AFAIK Performer is a role for an artist, as is Composer and Drummer and Producer.

Your sentence doesn’t parse for me.

I don’t understand this either. What is the Artist tab? Can you show a picture?
Here, I added a Performer credit for Evan Parker on that album (normally I don’t use Performer if I know something more precise what he does).
And here it shows up in the Credits listing, together with Saxophone:

What i mean is that if Fred Bloggs only has credits as a drummer, he won’t appear under the artist tab; you can’t find him by searching using the “funnel” in that tab.

But certainly he will pop up if you click on his name in a credits listing.

Ahh, I see where the confusion may lie.
I mean this…

That’s not right.
Aaron Christ has only one album, and the credit is as Performer:

And he shows up in the Album browser, both in a direct listing and with the funnel browser

Can you show an example of the problem?

Can you show an example of the problem?
I don’t see that behavior.

Ok. Here’s a Lucinda Williams album

Note the drummer: Donald Lindley.

I’ll now start typing into the Artist funnel…

Now your turn please…
Try Matyas Wolter.


You are right.
And Gurf Morlix does not show.
Betty Elders does not show under artists, but she does show under Composers.

Strange. I have never seen this behavior.
Wonder if it is a bug, or some rule that I’m not aware of.

@Mike, check the last few posts, please: these guys have found cases where credits don’t populate the artist browser. I’ve never seen this. Bug, or behavior I was unaware of?