Editing artists

Dear all
I am just wondering how to edit an artsts.
Why is with this artsts no such possibility?

The artist is existing: Danny Small - Geechee Dan.

If you click on the 3 dots next to the artist name there are quite a view things you can edit including the artist image. There may be differences in what you can edit depending on what device you are using for a remote. For example, phone vs. laptop.

Ah sorry. Was looking for the “Add photo”.
Such changes: are they synchronized with a database of ROON?

Do you know how long it takes till added photos are apporved?

If you click the three dots you will come to a screen where you can add or improve photos. Click on that and you will get to this screen.

Approved photos are centrally managed by roon and made available to all roon users. Looks like many of your favorite bands have no images so if you have some that helps out everyone. How long they take to appear varies. Mostly it is a day or two but sometime longer.

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But e.g. here: no “Add foto” for the ROON datrabase.
Why that?

You can in any case use Add Image for local pictures. Sometimes there seems to be no link for adding one in Valence, no idea why. But you can always go to valence.roonlabs.net in the browser and search there for the artist.

Oooh and look what I just found, exciting:

I use a laptop. It is possible here are inconsistencies with different devices

So I get the option to add a photo thru Valence via the main artist screen

On the screen you have arrived at you are being given the option of adding the photo to Valence so everyone can use it or add it just to your local library so only you can see it. I do not know why you are not getting the options to add via Valence. Are you on a trial? Maybe you do not have the privileges. Maybe someone else knows the reason?

Strange. I am on a laptop as well and have lifetime subscription.

Same here (laptop, lifetime) and for some artists I don’t have the link either, no idea why, but directly to website is always an option, as in my previous post

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