Editing Internet Radio art on Android

Opening this thread for the query below.

How do you change station artwork when using roonserver and android remote ?

I find the station on TuneIn, edit out the long description and edit in a any URL for a better quality stream. That’s not the same as editing the artwork, but it’s enough for me.

Thanks Andy - I am thinking may have to set up Roon as a remote on my iMac (where my core resides) and edit using this as I cannot work out how to copy/paste images in android (use galaxy tab as main remote)

Let’s take this thread to the Android section and see if anyone can assist.

Hi @Paul_Butler,

Yeah, I don’t believe we are able to add images with any of the mobile devices. However, you can drag and drop an image using the iMac.

Cheers, Greg

There is already a feature request for adding internet radio and artist images via an Android remote:


I really hope that this will be included in 1.3, since I don’t have a Windows or Mac remote.

I’d like to be able to do this on the IPad Air. So much more convenient than faffing with my Windows Pc.