Editing Metadata outside of Roon

Let’s say you find an album that doesn’t have track order numbering - so the tracks are in a folder alphabetically.

Instead of using the up and down arrows to fix the track order, you go back to the original folder and add the track numbering.

How does Roon handle this? If it’s in a watched folder doesn’t it see the change and fix the track order?

Does Roon not look at a folder if the album has already been “identified”?

Is there a way to Roon go back and look a folder and make changes?

We should be picking up those edits and updating your library accordingly. Are you seeing otherwise?

If so, let me know what operating system and storage device you’re using, and we’ll take a look.

Yosemite 10.3.3 QNAP NAS TVS-871, i7, 16GB, 8 X 6TB, Raid 10 w/ 2 Hot Spares

Any change here @soundone? Are you doing the edits on the same Mac that’s running your Roon Core?