Editing playlist crashes Roon [Ticket in]

I have a new music playlist (recommendations, albums I think I’ll like but I’ve yet to get to) in Roon.

It is filled with 100% streaming content (Tidal). It has 77 tracks and is 5 hours in length.

When I use the “handle” to try and move the track, Roon remote crashes on Android 100% of the time. As it turns out this happens 100% of the time on ANY playlist I create in Roon.

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I wanted to add that the exact same thing happens with the iPhone remote app 100% of the time for any playlist I’ve created. Merely touching the 6 blue dots immediately crashes the app.

Edit: I’m running iOS 16.1.1 on an iPhone 13 and using the latest Roon 2.0 builds.

Tested on my iPad and it works as expected. Seems to just be the smartphone remotes.

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Hi @crowlem. @kitated,

Thank you for your report.

I submitted a ticket for this issue and we’re working on a fix. You should see this issue corrected relatively soon.



I’m seeing this issue as well on all my iPhones (but not iPads or Windows clients).

Any idea when this will be fixed?

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