Elac DDP-2 Preamp/Endpoint/Dac

I am currently using a parasound 2100 preamp - microrendu enpoint - schiit modi dac.
I want to replace the modi dac. The Denefrips Ares 2 looks really good. Howerver, I have an opportunity to get an Elac DDP-2 at a great price. The DDP-2 would replace my parasound preamp, microrendu, and modi DAC.
I’m not sure if the DDP-2 preamp is better than my parasound, or if DDP-2 Roon endpoint is better than than the Microrendu.
Also, how does the DDP-2 dac compare to the Ares 2?
LOL, so many variables.

i got the DDP-2 for a good price too.
It replaced my RME ADI Dac (now on PC)
RME was very good, but the DDP-2 is just a bit better, very precise Bass and neutral mids and highs without harshness. Sounds total natural to me, what i was looking for.
Perfect roon endpoint for me with active speakers (ATC)
Try it! :slightly_smiling_face: