Elac DDP2 sample rates?

Anyone know what sample rates (PCM and DSD) are supported by the DDP2 in its Roon streaming mode? I can’t seem to find this anywhere.


spec sheet here:

Roon: DSD x1, or DSD 64
And I presume all the available PCM rates up to 384.

Thanks…I wasn’t sure if it supported all its PCM rates over Roon. Mytek doesn’t, for example.

Ah, I said “presume” since they did not specify for PCM as they did for DSD. Have you talked to/emailed their tech support. They would be the ones to answer the question directly.

I have not yet, but that’s my next step. Thank you.

Here is the answer ELAC customer support gave me:

The DDP-2 supports up to 192Khz PCM sample rate with ROON over the network.

I just put it into service yesterday at home, replaced my Parasound P6. A tremendous improvement in DAC sound quality over the P6 with Roon and my Elac ARB Navis speakers BTW. 384 Sample Rate is highest. Very Happy with the DDP-2 so far, didn’t expect this great of a sound difference.

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