Elac Discovery 101G and subwoofer

I run Roon core on an Intel 8 NUC i5 and added an Elac Discovery server as a Roon endpoint. Analog 1 is connected to my Onkyo 740 AV receiver which I run in pure audio mode in this configuration which disables the sub woofer out . Now I had the genius idea to connect the Analog 2 with the sub woofer input and group analog 1 and 2. Trouble is that I cannot synchronize the volume between the two grouped outputs which kills the idea. Any thoughts on how I could resolve this are very much appreciated.

Well solved my problem by reading the manual for the Onkyo RZ740… Simply connected the sub-woofer to pre-out front left/right of the Onkyo. They actually work in Pure Audio mode which is not documented anywhere in the manual. Analog 1 from Elac Discovery to an input of the Onkyo and voila love, peace and harmony reestablished.
Slight disadvantage is the theoretical runtime difference between the sub-woofer and the speakers which I cannot compensate manually. Will see if the Onkyo calibration will take care of it.

Limited the sub- woofer to 45 Hz with a 5 db gain, set the phase -180 degrees to the speakers and I got a pretty homogeneous sound balance.
Setup is older and simple:
Onkyo RZ740 in pure audio mode
Yamaha YST SW1500 Subwoofer
Monitor Audio RX Silver
Decent cables from ‘GoldKabel’

Good alternative to my setup in the large living room
Cambridge Azur 851
Nubert nuPower A amp
Nubert NuVero 140 speaker