Elac Discovery (DS-S101-G) Music Server, Roon Essentials


I’m using Elac’s Discovery music server with Roon essentials on board. In order to use it I have installed Roon essentials on my android tablet and the desktop app as well on my windows 10 PC. All three are on the same network

I’m not using NAS, I use the PC as a network stoge. Roon essentials does not accept in any way my PC’s location folder as a network path. It says it is invalid. Is this a bug, or does Roon essentials on board the Discovery music server not have that feature?

There is this post by @Danny however it does not make it clear re your question, it does suggest that technical support for Roon Essentials is by the vendor. So I guess in this case that would be Elac. Though I suspect @support from Roon will clarify this for you.


The Elac Discovery Server manual certainly talks of being able to use NAS devices, so it would seem likely that Sharing PC folders over the network should work. You probably should post your question in the Elac Discovery forums.

Well, I figured it out eventually.

When you want to use your windows 10 PC’s local folder as a network shared folder, then you should first add the ip of the PC on the network, then the name of the local folder of the PC, in the “add folder” option of Roon.
Pretty obvious, however it wasn’t clear in the user manual. It only talks about NAS drives.

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Finally, found this forum! I am a new user of Elac Discovery Music Server.
Having Roon essentials app installed in my iphone, however, I am not succeeded in adding my network folder.
Which is a named “Music” folder in my E: drive. (Windows10).

From my iphone, under storage flag, The added network folder is shown like this:-
Operation now in progress (did not show any songs being watched)

Elac discovery server is connected to my router as the same as my windows computer.

Please help!!! To fix the importing music files problem…

N.B. Tidal is playing fine with Elac discovery server.

Have you read the two posts above this one?

If the post immediately above does not help try the Elac discovery forum linked in the one above that.

Thank you for your reply!

I have read the above posts. Still can’t figure out the solution.
Here I upload a picture of my iphone “screen captured” which showed that no song imported.
As Tidal service worked fine. I suspected the network path I incorrectly input.

This is a guess on my part, but I suspect you’re defining the network paths wrongly.

Remember that what’s on your iPhone is a remote control app. The Storage settings are defined as seen from the point of view of the Elac Discovery Server - not your iPhone.

From what you say, you have your music stored on a Windows 10 PC, on the E: Drive, in a Folder called “Music”.

So, step 1 is to share the Music Folder over your home network. Do you know how to do that? If so, then you’ll know that the network path is of the form: \\PCname\Music.

Step 2 is to define that path in the Discovery Server using the remote control app. From what Leonidas wrote above, it sounds as though the Discovery Server doesn’t use the PC name, but the IP address in the network path. So the network path would be of the form: \\IP.address\Music

Give that a go and see if it works.

This is the network path to my music folder.
I tried the \ip address\folder but in vain.

Only showing “operation now in progress” without adding any songs.

Desperately looking for an answer…

Thank you again for your help!!!

And you’ve put in the correct userid and password to access the network folder into the Storage settings on the Discovery Server?

Seems like userid and password are not necessary. I did not set any for the shared music folder.
My naimuniti is working just fine in streaming songs from my music folder. Really can’t fix this. I copied all songs to a portable WD drive and connected it via usb port at the back. The elac discovery server is able to read all song in the portable drive. So far I can only use this way to access my favourite songs.

Sorry, but if it’s Windows 10, then user permissions are important. There will be at least one userid and password (the owner of the folder) associated with the shared folder - and when you set up the sharing, you get to set up the access rights. I suspect that’s why nothing is happening with the Discovery Server - it can see the folder, but can’t access it.

Tonight I try making a shared folder with “another name”, set a password and userid as well. Can’t make it…

By the way, I can set up a portable usb drive connecting to my router and files are being read by the elac discovery server. Or direct using the usb port of the server with portable hard disk, it works too.

Details of albums, artists and songs are fetched automatically. Really love this.

Hopefully, I can fix the problem to connect my e: drive’s files soon.

Thanks a lot!

Bluesound has added support for Roon

With the latest update for Bluesound BluOS 2.10.0, many new features are available. These also open up new avenues that none of the participating manufacturers actually planned. For example, the Elac Discovery Music Server DS-S101-G can now play together with BluOS-enabled devices

Admittedly, it will probably not affect many users, but for some it may be quite interesting: With the latest Blu-ray-enabled devices offered by Bluesound International for BluOS 2.10.0 and the resulting compatibility with the media management system and music server software Roon from Roon Labs LLC. The Elac Discovery Music Server DS-S101-G from Elac Electroacustic GmbH can also stream music to all BluOS-enabled devices, be it from the company of Bluesound itself, or correspondingly equipped solutions from NAD Electronics International.

If you can’t find BlueSound devices in Roon, check this forum post:

I know I’m a pedant, but instead of saying “Elac has added BlueSound support”, it’s more accurate to describe it as “Bluesound has added support for Roon”…

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:slight_smile: Thanks!

Any prevision of 1.3 version to Roon Essentials?

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Hello. Can you please elaborate step by step how to do that mostly " add the ip of the PC on the network " ? Many thanks in advance.