Elac or similar bookshelf speakers

Anyone here have any first hand experience with elac speakers?

I am auditioning some kef q350 and am not impressed. Looking for some other options in the price range.

Issues: very directional, any position other than dead center and the soundstage goes away. Not much high end (at least to my preferences).

Good: tight bass and midrange. Although they require more power than i expected.

I have always run older New England style speakers which I’m sure have effected my preferences (Advent, BA etc)

Edit: did some rearranging (furniture not music) and the kefs have come to life. Brought them closer together 6 vs 12’ and gave them more space from the wall. Just need to do some crawling and find a new home for the sub.

The UB5’s are perfect for my 10x10 listening room. Using the ELAC amp as well.