Elac Z3 users, need some feedback please

Core Machine
Windows 10 PC, Pentium i5, 4GB RAM

Network Details
Verizon Fios router, Ethernet connection.

Audio Devices
Elac Z3 wireless speaker via Ethernet

Library Size
12,203 tracks.

Description of Issue
Hi all, Roon playback via Ethernet on the Elac Z3 is working fine except when I have an aux cable plugged into the aux input, in which case I get no playback via Roon. I’m guessing since the device doesn’t really have an input selector, when an aux cable is plugged in it overrides everything else. But that seems lame.

Can anyone with this device confirm?

I have two Discovery Z3’s (want to buy them?) not in use, but it makes sense (to me) that if you plug a device into the AUX port, it would become the primary input and mute other sources such as Roon. I do not, however, see that mentioned in the manual or the reviews.

Thanks. Yeah the manual is not very informative. I’ve reached out to Elac customer support and will report what they say.

Only need it for one room so I’ll pass on your offer. But curious to know what if anything you replaced them with.

It was an concept for endpoints that I realized that I was not going to use. I have Roon in one room only. I use Sonos for background music everywhere else.

Got it. I want to use the aux for my wife to use Amazon Music/Alexa. Will probably just use it separately.

In our home, ethernet was mandatory. I did not find Elac tech support helpful when Inasked about performing updates. Another Room user made recommendations that worked.

Here’s the response from Elac:

ELAC Customer Service (ELAC)

Sep 15, 2021, 10:49 AM PDT


Yes this is how the Z3 functions. It works like a switch; when you plug in the auxiliary cable, it will switch to that input as long as it is plugged in.


ELAC Customer Service

Makes sense. Glad they responded to you.

I was curious about how to switch inputs on the Z3 myself. Good info to know since the manual doesn’t specify.

Thought about using the one in the kitchen for double duty as a Roon music player via Ethernet and possibly as a soundbar via aux for the small 27 inch flat screen TV.

It actually sounded much better than the soundbar we have in place but there was a timing issue so the spoken words did not sync up with the facial movements.

Thanks for checking that out.

How much are you asking for the z3’s? Had more Ethernet runs added a few weeks back and was considering putting z3’s in the bedrooms to expand the whole house music.

They were 579 at one point, now 459 ….so $700 plus shipping to TX …so $740 via PayPal. Mine are black, not gray. They will be around so you might want to think about it. You should use ethernet if the firmware needs updating.