Eliahu Inbal / Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra - Mahler 4 SACD

Help! I simply cannot get Roon to find the Exton release of Mahler’s 4th Symphony by Eliahu Inbal and the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra.

If I search for Eliahu Inbal Tokyo - Mahler 4 it shows me everything under the sun apart from the release that I’m looking for.

The SACD is already on MusicBrainz: https://musicbrainz.org/release/01c6def4-641c-4693-81fa-104d9d61cd0a

Is it getting lost somewhere?

Many thanks.

… this one?

available both from Qobuz and Tidal

I searched for “Eliahu Inbal” then had a look at “All Main Albums”
(you have to scroll a few screens to see it :wink: )

I’m trying to identify my local copy. If I just type “Eliahu Inbal” in the Artist field of the identification screen the only Mahler 4 I get is his 1986 recording with the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, and yes I’m scrolling all the way down.

might be your local copy was mis-identified and/or has a typo in its metadata? :no_mouth:

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Sadly the metadata are all correct. It really shouldn’t matter if I’m searching for “Eliahu Inbal Tokyo” and “Mahler 4”.

… wait…

… you mean “all the way left”, right? :wink:

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Definitely down!

I’m trying to identify an album I own. On the suggestion screen I scroll down.

then… try this way:

type “Eliahu Inbal” in the search field and hit “return”, you should be presented this screen:

click “Albums/View All” and …

now scroll horizontally :wink:

btw… as you can see in the first screenshot there’s an option for limiting search to local albums only

Just checked. I also have the same problem with the Mahler Symphony 3:


[Edit: Finally found 6, but only by typing Tokyo as well as Inbal. This has not helped find 3 though.]


Thank you but this isn’t the problem. Roon shows me the albums fine, but cannot identify them, despite them being available to them via their database.

oh… wait… you are trying to identify the album, not searching for it in your library!

then look on AllMusic (not MusicBrainz): if it’s not in there then Roon will not identify it :no_mouth:

MusicBrainz works fine with Roon.

ok, then… @support

and add in your OP you’re trying to identify the album, not searching for it in your library/online services :wink:

I think this is the wrong one but it is all quite a mess in roon.

Inbal did three Mahler 4’s. He did two for Exton with the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony. This is an earlier version with Miwak Handa as the Soprano. The one the OP has is a later Mahler 4 with Maki Mori as the Soprano.

I don’t know if this will help but I have both versions from Qoboz. For some reason the OP’s Mahler 4 is associated with a Melodia recording with Galina Vishnevskaya as the Soprano.

I found the correct Mahler 4 by searching on Mahler 4 with Galina Vishnevskaya as the artist. Although you will get a match there seems to be a mash-up of recording dates and no recording venues etc, It will also be necessary to do an edit in roon to get the basic metadata right.

Edit: @dpstjp, I can see there was more information whilst I was posting. So the mess is worse than I thought. I hadn’t realised that the Musicbrainz posting was yours. So there seems to be quite a disconnect now with backend metadata. Not sure how that gets resolved.

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Tony, thank you.

The MusicBrainz metadata look correct to me. I haven’t edited anything for the Mahler 4 there. https://musicbrainz.org/release/01c6def4-641c-4693-81fa-104d9d61cd0a/edits

MusicBrainz don’t help as their style guide promotes confusion sometimes.

[Edit] Can’t get it to work using Galina Vishnevskaya. I get a different Exton cover:

That’s the Melodia cover of a Mahler 4 with the Moscow Philharmonic, David Oistrakh and Galina Vishnevskaya. It’s the one the Inbal is mixed up with. Roon thinks the Oistrkh and the Inbal are different editions of the same album.

Did you try the 2nd edition of the album? When I tried to identify I got this one and also the Inbal. I selected the Inbal, but TBH other than the cover and the track timings everything else was wrong anyway.

Thank you, Tony.

Neither looked right. Might be best to wait for @dylan or one of his colleagues to see whether they can unravel this a little before committing!

Strange. I just noticed that your version of that cover is Exton, SACD release. But for me it is Melodiya, CD release. There seems to be a mash-up of several albums, maybe differing depending on territory, and a lot of incomplete meta-data anyway.

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Hi @dpstjp,

It looks like we have information on this album, but it’s being falsely equivalenced with another album. I’ve created a ticket for our team to investigate further and I’ll be sure to let you know what they find.

For now, I’d recommend leaving this album unidentified until we are able to sort this out.


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Any news on this? Neither the Symphony 3 or the Symphony 4 are showing up correctly when I search for these.

I may be adding a few extras over the next few days as false equivalences are a problem in Roon particularly an issue.

It’s not a surprise as the way certain databases look at classical music encourages confusion in my mind.